Whatsapp Facebook Data Sharing: How Do I Manage?

If you are an existing Whatsapp user, you can choose not to share your WhatsApp to facebook data sharing. If we closely monitor the information shared on facebook, it is your phone number and last seen time. This information is used to personalize the information and promotional offers sent may be sent to you.

The question here is How do I stop/opt out of WhatsApp from sharing my information with Facebook?

2 Ways to Stop Whatsapp Facebook Data Sharing

There are two ways to stop WhatsApp from sharing your contact and personal information from sharing.

  1. During Installation or updating WhatsApp – You will be required to Agree on the TOS. During that time, tap on Read link.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen or tap the upward arrow(^).
  3. You will find an option with the check box, enable this check box and click on “Agree”.

The other option is to disable WhatsApp facebook data sharing after agreeing to the TOS. You will have first 30 days from the day when you installed the app.

Go to Settings > Account > Share my account info 

Uncheck the share my account info box and you are done. Now, your data will not be shared with facebook. No more advertisements and offers.

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I Can’t See the Option to Opt Out, How Can I Do it?

If you are unable to see an option to opt out of whatsapp facebook data sharing, there are two possibilities. The first is that your option to opt out (30 days) got expired. The second option is that you might have chosen to opt out in the earlier times.

If you are not sure, just uninstall the app and reinstall it. It will ask you to agree to the TOS. Just follow the instruction from here.

What will Happen If I Agree to Share My Whatsapp Data with Facebook?

Practically speaking, nothing will happen. The purpose why facebook gathers information is to personalize the offers they are going to offer when their new features are getting introduced. You will be receiving more personalized offers and suggestions. Instead of getting something irrelevant.

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