Walnut App Review for Android

Hi App lovers, I have provided my honest reviews for the Android version of Walnut App. I thank Mr.Vignesh for suggesting me to write Walnut App review and to use this app.

After, his suggestion, I downloaded the walnut app. After using it for a week, I realized it is worth reviewing it.

There are several expense manager apps available for Android/windows/ios. However, walnut is available only for Android at this time. To summarize the effectiveness of Walnut App, it is zero input application.

It is not required to feed any values manually. It automatically scans the SMS in our inbox and obtains the input. However, if you need to input cash transactions, you can add it manually. I have discussed manual actions below.

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Walnut Mobile app Review
Walnut Mobile app Review

Advantages of Using Walnut App

Walnut is a single app for all your transactions. It is one of the unique feature and benefit of this app. Let your transactions done using your Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking or through any other online mode, if you receive an SMS notification, Walnut will track it without giving any input. I have shared my experience and advantageous information about the walnut app.

    • Walnut App works offline and not required to have an internet connection.
    • The alerts are instant
    • You can setup expense summary on a daily or weekly basis. It allows you set up anytime to notify the summary of the day.
    • Walnut allows you to customize bill reminders. By default, it is set to 2 days before and on the due date.
    • Allows you to set tags for every transaction.
    • Allows you to Backup and Restore all your transactions.
    • All transactions are mapped under three simple headers (Overview, Accounts and BIZ Messages)

You can view the messages related to offers right from the walnut app.

How to Download Walnut app for Android ?

The steps given below will help you to download Walnut app for android. You can install any mobile app for Android in two ways. You can install from Google Play Store or from Computer/PC.

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Steps to Download and Install Walnut App for Android from Google Play Store

  • Open your mobile phone tray and navigate to Google Play Store.
  • In the Search Box, enter Walnut and click on search button.
  • You will get the list of suggested apps. Select “Walnut: Track + Expenses by Thumbworks Pvt. Ltd”
  • Click “Install” and the app will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Can I Download Walnut app for Windows and Ios ?

At this time, the walnut app is available for Android OS only. The app for windows and Ios are yet to be released. I also checked the FAQ section of walnut and they have mentioned: “For now, Walnut is available only on Android.” They have never mentioned anything about expanding walnut for android and ios. In my personal opinion, due to the simplicity and effectiveness of this app, the developing team would consider expanding walnut for android and Ios.

How Can I Manually Input Values in Walnut App ?

Currently, the manual input is available only for cash transactions only. You need to tap the + button on the home screen and select Cash Payments. You can assign a category and tags to the transaction so it shows up in your spend summary.


How do you feel about this Walnut app Review for android? Did this review help you to clarify your doubts regarding the application? Please share your comments in the box below.

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