Can I Download Award Winning Vonage Extensions App for Blackberry?

The Award winning Vonage Extensions App is not available for Blackberry. It is available only for android and iPhone smartphones to place Vonage calls. I have also discussed an alternative app called Rebtel that actually works perfectly with blackberry.

It is not only BB that is ignored, the extensions phone Application by Vonage does not support any handsets other than android and iOS.

The main feature of this software is to extend the home phone service to your smartphone to place unlimited calls using the same calling plan as your Vonage home phone service.

Why is Vonage Extensions App is Not Available for Blackberry Mobiles?

For every product launched by any organization, it will look into several factors. Supply and demand and return on Investments. Vonage is not the only corporate that shows an affinity towards android and iOS. All other leading brands are also not supporting any other mobile OS like windows and android.

As per the statistics provided by statista (The Statistics Portal for Market Data, Market Research, and Market Studies) has published that 1,500,000 android phones are activated daily.

You can view the other facts related to android and its stats as a table below:

Google Values Statistic
Google’s global revenue $89.5bn Details →
Price of Google’s Motorola Mobility acquisition $12,500m Details →
Android Smartphones Values Statistic
Android’s global market share 84.82% Details →
Number of daily activations of Android devices 1,500,000 Details →
Global shipments of Android smartphones 1,133m Details →
Distribution of Android Jelly Bean 4.1 x 5.6% Details →
Number of Android smartphone users in the U.S. 107.7m Details →
Android Tablets Values Statistic
Shipments of Android tablets worldwide 37.9m Details →
Android tablets global market share 66.2% Details →
Android Apps/Google Play Store Values Statistic
Number of apps downloaded from the Google Play store 65bn Details →
Average unique monthly users of Android’s Facebook app 42.38m Details →
Average price of an Android app $0.06 Details →

With respect to iOS, a blog post by has stated that 1 billion apple devices are active globally.

When we talk about windows devices, I could not find a concrete stats for them. But, one thing I need to confirm is that the trend towards using windows mobiles are reducing.

Just because the amount of investment for developing a mobile application for platforms like blackberry, windows, and others are high and they will not be able to find the return on investments, the Vonage extensions mobile app was not launched for blackberry phone.

If you are a loyal blackberry customer, you can look for the alternative or latest blackberry mobile models and mobile applications that support your needs.

Blackberry 10 Family and Models

Blackberry versions are Z10Q10Q5Z30P’9982Z3PassportClassic, P’9983, and Leap.

They come with different screen types.

All models work with 4G LTE network. The famous telecom companies offering network services are:

As the application does not support blackberry mobile models, I have discussed below the app that can be used as an alternative to placing international calls from your phone.

You can learn Vonage Extensions App in the video below:

Rebtel for Blackberry: Best Vonage Extensions App Alternative for Blackberry

Rebtel for blackberry is the best alternative for Vonage’s extensions application. Rebtel is also a VoIP based app that can be used to place calls from your BB mobile. The features and other details are clearly explained in the post: Rebtel For Blackberry.

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