Vonage App for Windows Phone: Can I Download for Nokia and Microsoft Lumia

Vonage App for Windows Phone is really a good option if available. The leading manufacturer of Windows phone is Nokia and Microsoft. However, The Vonage app software is not supported for the Lumia model windows phone. They currently support android phones, android tablet, iPhone, and iPad. Vonage mobile app for windows phone is currently not available.

What is Vonage Mobile App?

Vonage mobile software is a mobile application that is free to download for android iPad  and iPhone. With Vonage’s mobile application, you can place high-definition (HD)  audio and video international calls on your smartphone. The calls from Vonage to Vonage are free. Calls to other regular and landline numbers will be charged as per the calling plan rates.

Why Vonage App for Windows is Not Available?

There might be several reasons why Vonage mobile app is not available for window’s phone. In any industry, the return investment is one of the key factors. It is possible that the users of windows phones are not to Vonage’s expected level and hence their usage may be low. This may result in low return. It is also possible that Vonage team may be working on windows app but it is not yet released. Let us hope for the best.

Vonage App is Not Available for the following too:

  • Vonage app for windows PC, XP, windows 8,
  • Vonage app for windows 7
  • Vonage app for windows 8


Is Vonage Mobile App and Vonage Extension App Are Same?

No, Vonage extension app and Vonage mobile app are different soft wares. Vonage mobile app works on your current mobile service provider’s phone number. Vonage Extensions Application works on your existing Vonage phone number. You must have active landline number with Vonage to use extension application.

What are The Best Alternatives for Vonage Mobile App for Windows

Whether you are using Nokia or Microsoft’s Lumia with windows 7 or windows 8 operating system (OS). We know for sure that can not use Vonage mobile application on windows phone. However, there is always ore than one way to do anything. Let us see the alternative options to place international calls using VoIP based mobile apps. Here, I have shared few apps namely skype, fiber, IMO, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

Skype : It  is a Microsoft product. It is one of the best alternatives for Vonage mobile app. Skype can be used on your windows phone and also on your computer desktop.

Viber : It is similar to Vonage mobile app. It allows free international calls from your windows phone.

IMO : Yet another VoIP application to make audio and video calls in HD quality. My experience with IMO has always been positive. IMO works even in the gulf countries where VoIP apps are blocked.

Whatsapp : Even though WhatsApp is basically a texting app, the recent voicemail feature, calling feature and video calling features makes it one of the alternatives for using Vonage app on windows phone.

Facebook Messenger : We might have never thought about this application to place international calls. It is because all the above-mentioned apps need a phone number to call someone. But, with facebook messenger, you can call any of your facebook friends.

Eventhough, one can not install vonage mobile app on windows phone, hope the information and alternatives shared above has helped you to some extent.  Please tell me your opinions and any other alternatives you are using for vonage app. Feel free to share this post to your friends on social media and to support us.

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