Can I Get a Verification Code via Email instead of Phone Number?

Wondering what is a Verification Code? Trying to verify Apple ID, iPhone, Gmail, Google account or snapchat account after code generation? This blog post can help you to clarify any doubts to get verification code.

Once verified, you can enjoy using the desired service without any issues.

What is a Verification Code?

It is a simple and effective way to authenticate ownership in any industry. You will get a text or phone call. This process was invented to stop illegal access to services like Gmail, Google account, snap chat app, WhatsApp and other mobile application.

This validation process is carried out when a service is newly initiated or while making account changes like settings and payment information changes in-between. In the field of banking, a code known as OTP (One Time Password) is used to authenticate the ownership.

For example, have you ever noticed when you access any Google account from a different computer, you need to verify Google account?

Any service to which you are trying to register has your mobile number registered in your profile. Hence, a four digit code, a six digit code or alphanumeric character is sent to your phone number.

It is required to feed the same number on the portal you are trying to access.

In some scenarios, a phone call will be made by a computerized or automated system. Just listen to the call and verify your service.

If the number matches with the code in the database, you will gain access to the service. Every service out there uses the same method.

Once authenticated, you can use the service every time from your smartphone.

Difference Between Password and One Time Password?

A password is a security code kind of stuff where one can set it during initial account creation. Later they may change it if required. It will not expire. However, it is a best practice to have your password changed frequently.

An OTP can be used only once. An OTP will have a session time attached to it like 2 minutes, 30 minutes or 24 hours. It must be used within the stipulated time.

When used after the end of session time, it will be invalid. You may need to generate codes if not delivered immediately. It is a best practice for real-time validation.

Why Is The Code Required?

In early days, the use of technology did not have a maximum share. Nowadays, every person has a smartphone and they are connected to the internet too.

Due to this change in technology demand, all the services like bill payment, online ticket booking, Movie Ticket Booking, Fund Transfer and Data Transfer are done in no time using the personal digital devices.

When we look at the amount of risk involved, it may have a huge impact if any other person uses these services. Hence, whenever a transaction is done, a verification method like OTP, Two Step Verification is used. One needs to enter code the received on the registered phone number.

What is Twofactor Authentication Method?

Even after having a validation process, it is possible that the hackers may hack your password and gain access to your sensitive services. In such scenarios, a 2 step verification process is implemented. Having twofactor authentication is a secure way to handle any account related activities.

After gaining access, you will be required to answer few security questions like what is your father’s last four digit of mobile number? This process is termed as twofactor authentication

For avoiding robot access to few online services, a system called captcha is used. The person needs to click on a button stating I am not a Robot. Once this is done, one can continue using the existing services.

Why Do Mobile Apps Like SnapChat and Wechat Needs Phone Number Verification?

The VOIP based applications like Skype, Vonage, Wechat and whatsapp are used only after successful verification. If the process fails, one can not use the service. The only way to validate the user is to send a code to the owner of the phone number.

If the person has access to the number, they will receive the code and validate. This type of security process makes no way cyber crimes and security breaches.

How Can I Receive The Code Via Email?

Maximum services like mobile apps (Whatsapp, Wechat, Snapchat) do not support and send verification codes via email. Especially the services offered based on mobile numbers. The primary reason because they need to validate the phone number and not email verification.

However, few services like banks, you can get a code OTP (One Time Password) to both mobile number and registered email address. The person can retrieve the password from either of the services.

I hope the information about the verification process and to receive codes are helpful. What are your insights to get verification code? Please share your feedback as comments.

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