How to Undo an Email in Gmail Before It is Sent After Clicking The Submit Button?

In the recent times, Email has become one of the most common free communication mode. However, it is human nature that we tend to make some error. There is always an option to recover from the mistakes. While sending an email, if you find any error or spelling mistake and you have clicked on the send or submit button before realizing it, do not feel bad. Google has provided a smart option to undo the send action and stop the incorrect email from leaving the station. The buffer time is only 10 seconds.

When we recall an email, it will revert to compose mode. You can delete and compose a new email. You may also save it as draft and send it after an hour, a day. Please note we can not unsend an email  after 10 seconds of clicking the submit button. It would have been great if the buffer time is 30 seconds. However, it will delay the normal email sent.

We must note that the time provided to realize the error and to react to it is only 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, we will not be able to stop the email.

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Steps to Enable Undo email in Gmail

It is very simple, all you need to do is log in to your Gmail account and make the required changes. I  have provided below the steps to undo an email in Gmail before it is sent after clicking the submit button:

Step 1:  Login to your Gmail account from

Gmail Login Page - E info Book
Gmail Login Page

Step 2: Move the cursor to the gear button on the top right corner of the window and click on it.

Gmail Gear Button page - E info Book
Gmail Gear Button page

Step 3: The Settings option will appear and select the Settings.

Gmail Settings Button page

Step 4: On the Settings page, select the tab Lab.

Gmail Labs Button page - E info Book
Gmail Labs Button page

Step 5: Navigate to the Undo Send section and select Enable option.

Gmail Labs Undo Enable page - E info Book
Gmail Labs Undo Enable page

Step 6: Click Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

Gmail Labs Save changes page Undo gmail email

Once the changes are saved, you will receive a notification on the top of the page after sending the email to undo the action.

Gmail Undo Page - E info Book
Gmail Undo Page

Once clicked on undo within 10 seconds, the email will go back to compose mode. Here, we can correct the required field and send the email again.

Gmail Undo compose mode

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