How to Turn Off Mobile Hotspot for Android in Two Steps?

Turn Off Mobile Hotspot or Tethering on Android in Two Steps. In general, we will have the option in the “settings” option. However, you need to navigate to the tethering and portable hotspot section of your phone every time to turn it off.

The tips provided here will help you to disable mobile hotspot in just two steps without wasting much time.

Steps to Turn Off Mobile Hotspot In Two Steps

Please know that both WiFi and Hotspot are wireless technologies. But, both can not be enabled at a time. If WiFi is enabled, we can not open mobile hotspot and Vice versa. Using this restriction, we can use it to disable mobile hotspot.

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Let me say you are using the mobile hotspot on your computer and you suddenly need to move out as your mom is calling you for shopping. If you are very urgent, you can just drag down the menu tray and enable and disable wireless connection or WiFi(Tap to Enable and Tap Again to Disable). This will ensure that the tethering or hotspot is turned off.

How Can I turn off my hotspot?

  • Open the menu tray by swiping  down on your Android device home screen
  • Tap on the WiFi logo and after 2 seconds, tap on the WiFi logo to turn it off.
  • This will ensure that the tethering is disabled.
How to Turn Off Mobile Hotspot or Tethering on Android in Two Steps
How to Turn Off Mobile Hotspot or Tethering on Android in Two Steps

Customizing Quick Settings

The other option is to customize the quick settings section of your Android phone. Whenever you drag your Android phone from the top towards the bottom of the screen, you will get a screen with the shortcuts to few of the features. This screen is called Quick Settings.

If you have already customized the quick settings earlier, you can turn off the mobile wifi hotspot in few seconds. If you have not already customized your quick settings section, you can do so by following the instructions below:

Steps to Customize Quick Settings on Android Phone

  1. Open your phone Lock screen
  2. Drag your home screen from the top towards the bottom.
  3. You will get the menu.
  4. Again soft tap on the same screen and pull down again, you will get the screen with quick settings option.
  5. Click on the edit option
  6. Look for the WiFi Logo or icon. Long click on the icon, drag and drop it on the menu section.
  7. You are done.

Now, every time when you need, you can simply tap on the WiFi icon to disable and enable hotspot on android mobile.

Hope the information provided above was helpful.

Is there any other idea or technique you have followed to Turn Off Mobile Hotspot on your Android device? Please share it in the comment section. We are glad to hear from you.

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