Track Your Lost Mobile Phone Using Android Device Manager

When you lose your phone, you may not know how to find lost the mobile phone. Let us learn it here right now.

Will it be great if you have an option like Google find my mobile location or track my phone for free online when the tablet or handset is misplaced?

Then How Do I Find it?

The solution is simple. But, the problem is we are not aware. You can use ADM and track lost one. This method is legal and applicable for all types of Android devices.

Track Your Lost Mobile Phone

Track Your Lost Mobile Phone

Now the technology has improved to such a level that we can get all the information in our palmtop. The electronic items have become very compact, handy and portable. In the same time, the smartphones have also become costly.

What will you do if the smartphone is lost or stolen?

Will it be nice if you have the option track stolen mobile?

Yes, if you have a smartphone with an Android Operating system, you can trace it at any time by using Google account from your computer.

How to Track Your Lost Mobile Phone using Android Device Manager (ADM)?

Requirements to Find Stolen Device

  • The Android phones must be connected to the Google account.
  • The option to access your location must be granted.
  • Must have an internet connection.

Step 1:

First, you need to configure the Google Settings on your smartphone.

  • Search for Google Settings on your smartphone.
  • Select Android Device Manager
Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager

  • Check the two text boxes available “Remotely Locate this device” and “Allow remote lock and erase”
Remotely Locate, lock and erase

Remotely Locate, lock and erase

Step 2:

  • Visit and log in with Google account credentials
  • You will be taken to the page where it will display the device number model.
  • The Device Manager will automatically locate it.
  • Leave two to three minutes of time for the tracker to locate the current location.
  • Now you can select the option to ring your phone and identify.
  • You may also lock or delete or file contents remotely.

Use Samsung’s Find my Phone App

If you own a gadget from Samsung, you have got another opportunity to find your lost property back. Samsung has its own software named Find my Phone App.

All it needs is the access to the internet and an account with Samsung.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it possible to track a cell phone that is off?

 No, it is not possible to find the current location when it is turned off. The phone must be powered on and connected to the internet.

Can We Track IMEI Number Through Google Earth?

There are online services claiming it is possible to figure out any phone with IMEI number. However, there is actually no such service exists. Tracking via Device Manager (Not Google Earth) with an internet connection is possible.


I am sure, you were able to learn how to use android device manager and track your lost mobile phone. Have you ever recovered your mobile? If so what method you used to find your phone back. Do enter as your comments. We are glad to hear from you.


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