How to Track Email address Owner ?

Learn how to Track Email address Owner. The resources like Facebook email will help us on how to identify the ip address of an email. We can also use the free online email address look up tools and reverse look up tools.

Have you received an email from a strange person and wondering how can you track the person who sent the email? There are several ways to track the owner or the sender of the email address.

Ways to find Track Email address Owner and location of the Sender

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Track Email address Owner Using the Domain Name of the Email address.


In general, an email address will contain a username section and a domain name. The information before “@” symbol is the username and after “@” symbol is the domain name. This method of email reverse tracking will not be effective when the sender has a public email domain like Gmail, yahoo or hotmail email address.

Parts of an Email address - Track Email address Owner
Track Email address Owner
Parts of an Email address
Amudha14207 is the username and is the domain name. Hence, if you are receiving any email address with the private domain name, just copy and paste the domain name in your web browser. The domain will connect to the server and the website will be displayed. You can find the contact details under the contact us page of the particular website.
Alternatively, you can use the website to check the owner of the website.

Track Email address Owner Using Google Search

Another best option is to copy the email address and search it in Google search engine. You can also search in leading search engines like Yahoo, MSN. This search will provide the results of all the websites and services related to the email address and with this we can easily gather information about the individual.
Note:To get the exact results of the email address, search with use double quotes.
For example “”. 

Track Email address Owner Using Facebook search

Now, Facebook has more than 450 million users. It provides the option to search the person with different information like name, place, school, work and email address or personal information. Just login to your facebook account and enter the email address in the facebook search box. If the person registered the email address in facebook, the detail will be displayed.
If the person has a facebook profile, download the facebook profile and upload it to Google images. You can upload images by clicking on the camera button on the Google Image search box. This acts as a reverse Inage search and if the same image is used in any other profile, the details will be displayed. 

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