Top 10 Mobile Apps for Social Media Managers

10 Mobile Apps for Social Media Managers that helps to be productive when they are away from their computer. Make your business the best social media campaigns using the suggested apps.

Social Media Managers are perhaps the most active people on the social networks these days, working in the background 24/7 to promote their brand and are always on their feet offering support or addressing customer issues. They get a ton of work done when they are tied down with a computer, but what happens to all that productivity when they are away from their desk?

Top 10 mobile apps for social media managers

Their active online presence is of utmost importance to a brand’s credibility. Hence the need for smarter mobile apps and tools that enable a marketer to connect and engage whatever his situation may be. Luckily, there are quite a few of them out there. We get down to pick the best ones for you.


Let’s start with the basics, literally! On any given day, a social media manager writes out a variety of tweets, posts, and comments for their brand, sometimes even on the move. How to make sure the content is clear, effective and error-free when tying on those crampy mobile keyboards?

Grammarly is an online tool preferred by millions to improve their texts by correcting common grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuations and getting enhancement suggestions. Grammarly is now available for iOS and Android as a keyboard app to help you as you type on the go.

> Download Grammarly App for Android & iOS


“Copy, customize, and share your links straight from your phone.”

Shortening important URLs to accommodate them in your online marketing efforts don’t need to stop with big machines. Bitly is the commonly preferred online tool to carry out the URL shrinking simply because of its usability, customizability, ease of maintenance, stats, and security.

Now you can experience the full Bitly desktop features with their mobile app.

> Download for Android & iOS


“Enhance your social media management with Hootsuite, the leading social media dashboard” greets their website. Now we are talking! HootSuite lets you do your principal tasks- managing multiple social networks, profiles, and metrics with pomp. Post on multiple accounts in one go, manage your tag updates and schedule posts with this paid app that is free for up to 3 accounts.

> Download for Android & iOS

Google my business App

No list is complete without a Google app right?

This one is for managing your business on Google search and Maps. It lets you modify the information pertaining to the business that you have put up on Google, add new photos and get customer interactions as notifications on the go. You can improve local SEO and respond to customer reviews in real time. As a bonus, you get Google’s advanced custom insights which are essentially stats on steroids.

> Download for Android & iOS

Google Analytics and AdWords

Google analytics can be safely attributed to redefining website management through its intuitive, customizable reports that give you a combination of metrics, dimensions, and segments that you care about. With the app, you can do all that on the go. Similarly, you can monitor and make changes to your ad campaign using the AdWords app.

> Download Adwords for Android & iOS

> Download Analytics for Android & iOS

Facebook page manager

An app that looks quite similar to the Facebook app, its sole purpose is to make updating and managing pages easier. In the main page, you can get insights and settings for all the pages related to your company. The widely informational metrics view helps you track the performance as well as the views, likes, comments etc.

> Download for Android & iOS

WhatsApp for business

Seamlessly manage your business and personal contacts in the same phone using Whatsapp business. Send bulk SMS, communicate with international clients, share important media and conference on the go with a unique business profile using this powerful app.

> Download for Android

Fenix 2 twitter client

A paid app that brings a fresh perspective to the twitter layout with support for multiple accounts, blacklisting, and a customizable home screen so that you get all related content in a series of swipes.

> Download for Android


An app designed with small businesses in mind, it gives the user an outlook of what’s being said about their business and a perspective of the competition.

> Download for Android & iOS


Want to preview files and share them with your colleagues before an important social media campaign? Dropbox is a simple app to safely access, share or sync any files on the move even to those who don’t have an account. Now that’s handy!

Download for Android & iOS


Hope the list would have given you some ideas on Mobile Apps for Social Media Managers. The list does not stop here. There are several apps and only a cream of them are listed here. If you know any other app that can be used, you can express your thoughts as a comment. We will be sure to share our insights.

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