Steps to Login to Google Adsense Account Using Adsense Disabled Account

Login to Google Adsense Account Using Adsense Disabled Account is the alternative account. As the statement “Mistakes are the secret of succcess” states, I too took Google Adsense for granted and did not mind about the Terms Of Service. Hence, Google Disabled my account due to fraudlent activity. Later, I understood, anything that is just offred for free, we should never under estimate its potential.

I have already wrote an article about the value of free service. If you have missed it, click the link below to read it.

Value of the word Free

How I Figured Out The Way Login to Google Adsense Account Using Adsense Disabled Account ?

I generally use to check my Adsense Earning in my mobile as I will be on travel. However, at times I will check from my office desktop or other computer or laptop. I will be checking the email with the old email address which was disabled due to Google Adsense Terms Of Service. When I try to login to check Google Adsense Earning Report, it will redirect to the disabled account page. Later, I will find it difficult to login to the active account as the disabled account notification page has loop error.

What Is The Loop Error On Google Adsense Disabled Notification Page?

When you land at the Disabled Google Adsense Account, the message displayed will be as given on the image below:

Google Adsense Disapproved account
Google Adsense Disabled account

The loop error in this page is, there is a hyper link in the page which says Return To Adsense Home. If you click on it, it will redirect to Google Adsense home page. As the account is already logged in, it will again redirect it to the disapproved account page. Hence, you will not get the option to login to the different account. The link “Return To Adsense Home” must log out of the current login and take us to Adsense Login page. This will help us to login to different account if required.

Workaround to Login to Google Adsense Account When You Are Logged In To The Disabled Adsense Account.

Now, if you are on Google Adsense disabled account; follow the simple steps below to login to different Google Acccount and check your Adsense Earning:

  • On the same window or in a new window, open
  • You will be taken to Google Account Login Page

You can login with the active Google Adsense account now.

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