Steps to Download Vonage Extensions App for iPhone

Vonage Extensions App for iPhone supports English, French and Spanish. It is available for US, Canada and UK. Irrespective of the which country you are from, the principle under which it works is the same. You can find below the steps to download Vonage extensions App on your iPhone.

What is Vonage Extensions App?

Vonage Extension App for iPhone is a mobile software that helps any vonage customer (US, Canada and UK) to place and receive calls on their iPhone by extending their home phone service respectively. The charges and the calling details will be calculated as per the calling plan of the Vonage number registered on the extensions feature.

Requirements to Download Vonage Extensions App for iPhone

In order to download extensions app on your iPhone, you need to have the following:

  • A registered Vonage home phone number. You will not be able to use Vonage extensions app without a Vonage home phone number.
  • An active non-vonage US mobile number.
  • Active Internet connection on your phone 2G, 3G, 4G or WiFi connection.
  • Itunes account must be active.
  • Enough space on your iPhone
  • iPhone with OS version 9.0 and above (iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SEiPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus)

Note: US Vonage customer must have a US Vonage number, Canada customer should have a Vonage Canada phone number and the customer in UK should have UK Vonage phone and mobile number.

Once you have all the above, it is time to install the app. If you prefer to use Vonage service without a Vonage phone number, please use Vonage mobile App.

Please follow the steps below to install vonage extensions app on your iPhone.

  • Open Apple Store or ITunes store on your iPhone menu
  • In the search box type Vonage Extensions App.
  • From teh suggested lsit, select the app with Vonage logo.
  • Follow the on screen instructions and the Extensions application will be installed on your phone.

Note: You need to enter your mobile number and Vonage home phone number. The password you enter must be the same password you use for your logging on to your Vonage online account.

Can I Download and Install Vonage Extensions App on iPad?

No. Vonage extensions app does not support iPad. It only supports iPhone with iOS version 9.0 and above.  However, it is notable that there are ipads with iOS 9.0 and above. However, it is not guaranteed that it will work. Please feed your comments if you have an iPad and using Vonage Extension App.

What Are the Ports Used by vonage Adapter?

If Vonage extension app for iPhone not working, there may be several reasons. One of the primary issue is related to the ports blocked. Vonage uses few specific ports to transfer data. However, if these ports are blocked, the call ay not go through. We need to unblock those ports to use vonage service on extensions feature. The following ports are used to use Vonage service effectively.

SIP: Port 5061 UDP (Used to send and receive SIP information)

RTP: Ports 10000-20000 UDP. (Used to send and receive RTP traffic) When a call is made, random ports between 10000 and 20000 are used to carry the conversation. If any of these ports are blocked, you may experience one way or no audio.

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