Sing Karaoke by Smule: Sing Your Favorite Song App for Android and iOS

Sing Karaoke by Smule app helps to Sing Your Favorite Song using Android and iOS devices. It’s one of the best singing apps for Android, iPhone and Windows phones providing free karaoke.

There is a myth that singing is a talent for an individual and very few people have the blessing from God. However, it is not the case. It is all about getting an opportunity to exhibit your talent for the feat.

It is true that everyone can Sing Your Favorite Song. However, it does not mean that anyone can become a professional singer and feat.

Music needs a passion for learning and a great practice for singing. Due to the advancement in technology and its support, now it has become possible for anyone to sing any song of their choice.

It is not required to worry about musical issues voice quality, feedback and any other aspect. It is all about singing your favorite along with the free karaoke.

You can use the support of singing music mobile apps like smule karaoke. 

Smule video allows you to sing songs live using your webcam feature.

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Everyone in this world will have the craze towards singing a song that they love at times. They also love to sing a song in a musical troop by holding a mike in front of a gathering.

However, the lack of confidence will not allow them to exhibit their singing talent. Even though there are several programs, not everyone gets the opportunity to showcase their talent.

The app has made it possible that anyone who has the interest to sing their favorite song can sing with the respective karaoke.

Recording works perfect and I got the opportunity to sing a couple of songs in Sing Smule App and I felt that even my voice is also good.

It is available for Android, Windows, and iOS devices.

All you need to do is just download the apps from Google play store, Apps and Games (Windows market) and iStore.

Once you install, you are done.

Even though there is other singing recording software available, singing karaoke by Smule is a unique software due to its flawless lyrics and the quality of the karaoke.

The team updates their database with new releases.

Based on the type of device, you can download the from the device’s store or by downloading the Smule apps apk.

You can Watch the Official Preview Video of the App


How to Download Smule Sing APK

You can download Smule apk by clicking the links provided. Alternatively, you may also download the sing karaoke by Smule apk file from the list of websites given below:

Sing Your Favorite Song by downloading the above for free singing.

Guide to Download and Install Smule App for Windows Phone

Smule App for Windows phone can be downloaded or purchased from Apps+Games on windows phone.

  • Open the phone menu tray and navigate to the Store section
  • You will get the several submenus like Apps, Games and more.
  • Select “Apps” and search for “Singing App by Smule”
  • Select the appropriate one and click to install on your phone.

Smule App Download for Android Guide

Just follow the steps given below to install the karaoke song app for android.

  • Open your android phone menu tray and tap on the “Play store”.
  • In the play store, you will get a search box. Tap on the search box option.
  • Enter “Smule sing App“. You will get several singing apps for iPhone with suggestions.
  • Select the Sing App by Smule and tap on it.
  • Click on the Install button. They will be downloaded and installed on your device.
sing karaoke smule free android app
sing karaoke smule free android app

Steps to Download and Install Smule Sing App for iPhone


Smule Sing App for iphone. Sing your favorite song.
Smule Sing App for iPhone. Sing your favorite song.
  • From your iPhone menu tray, locate and tap ‘App Store’ icon to access it.
  • There will be two categories ‘New‘ and ‘What’s hot. You may also use the Search button at the bottom left of the screen to look for specific apps. As you type, the app store will offer suggestions. You can either select one of those or continue typing.
  • Type “smule sing karaoke” The App Store will display a list of matching apps. Simply tap an app to see a further description of it.
  • You can then tap the ‘buy‘ or ‘free button’ which is displayed on the right-hand side of the app description screen to download it.
  • You’ll be prompted to enter your iTunes password.
  • Click OK and you’ll automatically leave the app store and the application will be installed.

How to Sing Your Favorite Song

Now that you have downloaded the sing app by using the steps provided above. Let us see how we can sing our best song. You can also sing-song as videos where the other singer can see you on their device screen. In order to start using the App, you need to make few initial one-time configuration. You can share your intro creation on Facebook and look at the number of views and volume of fans growing.

Requirements Check List to Use Sing Karaoke by Smule App

  • Good headset with mike (works without a headset, but it is better when used with a headset.)
  • A smartphone with Sing App by Smule installed. Preferably with the camera for videos.
  • A separate room without any external noise.

Once you have the above items ready, just open the app from your smartphone. You will be required to sign up. You may also sign in using your Facebook account.

Sing Karaoke by Smule app will request you to choose your preferred language. Once setup, you can browse through the songs category.

Just tap on your favorite song and click on Join Others for Free“. It will take few minutes for loading and the studio. Once done, you can start singing as per the details mentioned in the song.

Out of y personal experience, Sing App by Smule is the best karaoke app for android I have ever used. How about you? Have you ever used any other application. Please share your thoughts as comments.

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