How to Send More Than 10 Photos in Whatsapp Android Using Google Drive

Recently we planned a family trip to see the best destination to visit in December. However, got the opportunity to visit tourist places in south India during October month. We took several family photos. I am a person who loves taking pictures. As usual, I was excited to share all the photos to WhatsApp family group. However, I was able to share only 10 photos at a time. I happened to send those photos to multiple sessions.

Hence, I decided to write an article How to Send More Than 10 Photos in Whatsapp Android. I am sure you are well aware that we can not share more than 10 photos at a time in WhatsApp. I thought of ideas where we can share unlimited photos in WhatsApp. For iPhone users, there is a jailbreaking app called “Cydia“. You can install the app and hack WhatsApp to send ore than 10 photos. But for windows, there are no such apps as for as I know. However, the idea I have shared here is a legal and working concept. It is both WhatsApp and Google drive friendly.

Finally, I tested the option of sharing photos with the help of Google Drive. It worked for me. Please try my idea and let me know how you feel. Your feedbacks are appreciated.

Why Sharing Photos Are Limited to 10 in Whatsapp?

It will be great if you could get the option to share unlimited photos. The main purpose behind this restriction is to stop spamming the chat. Let us think of a scenario where you are bombarded with 1000 photos in a single shot. Similar to a facebook post that contains thousands of photos. I am sure you will not have time and interest to go through each and every photo. This one of the main reason.

As WhatsApp is a fastest and easy growing social network, the business people are looking for an opportunity to market their products. Due to this restriction, we are on the safer side. We must understand one thing very clear that WhatsApp is a personal messaging application and it can not be used for marketing purposes.

Applications Required to Send More Than 10 Photos in Whatsapp Android

In order to Send More Than 10 Photos in Whatsapp, we need to have the following android applications preinstalled on your device. Installing these apps are a one-time task and we can use it instantly in every instance.

Google Photos Android Application will be preinstalled on all android devices. Every photo that is captured via mobile phone’s camera will be backed up by Google photos app automatically. This feature makes our task little easier.

Google Drive app will be used to store our photos. Please note that free google drive account is limited to 15 GB only. If you need ore than 15 GB, you can upgrade to Google G Suite for Work and enjoy unlimited storage.

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Steps to Send More Than 10 Photos in Whatsapp

In this guide, we are going to meet the requirement by uploading photos to google drive by creating a new folder and sharing the folder link to our friends and groups in WhatsApp

Step 1: Upload all photos to Google Drive Using Google Photos and Create a New Folder

From your android phone, Open Google Drive -> Tap on the Menu Icon on the left side top -> Select Google Photos. Long press on the first photo tap on other photos to select. you can choose unlimited photos. You will have the status bar at the bottom of the screen. Click on the “link” icon. You will get the option to share. Select Google Drive and save the file by creating a new Folder.

Step 2: Sharing the Link of the Folder to Whatsapp Group

Now that we have created the folder. From Google drive, please select the menu option in the newly created folder. Select “Copy Link“. The link will be copied. Now share the link to your whatsapp contacts and groups.

The users can access the link and view all the photos. You can restrict the access to these photos in such a way that the viewers can view only when they have google account. This can be done by changing the privacy settings of the folder.

Can I Use this Idea on Other Phones Other Than Android?

Yes, you can send more than 10 images at a time on any mobile device like iPhone, windows phone, blackberry and HTC phones. You must have Google App and Google Photos app installed.

Video Tutorial about How to Send More Than 10 Photos in Whatsapp Android Using Google Drive


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