How to Send a Large Video File Through Whatsapp?

You will learn the three ways that will help you to crop and resize the video that can be shared. Now a days, we are capturing several videos from phone every now and then and prefer to share it with our whatsapp friends instantly. However, the limit on file size in whatsapp will not allow you to share the video completely . I have shared the options to share a video that is greater than 16 MB in android edition, iphone or windows. This will help you to learn how to send a large video file through whatsapp.

How to Send a large video file through whatsapp


What is the Limit for File Size in Whatsapp?

Whatsapp has limit where files greater than 16 MB can not be shared. The files on your phone with above 16 MB will be cropped by Whatsapp Video editor.

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In order to share large media files, I have shared different options on how to send a large video file through whatsapp.

How to Share Files in Google Drive and to Share the URL in Whatsapp?

You can upload any video or photo in Google Drive from your phone. These simple steps given below will help you to upload the media file to Google Drive.

  • Open the location of the file on your phone.
  • Tap on the menu button available on the top right side and click on “Share
  • You will get several options and Google Drive will be one among them.
  • You will be prompted to rename the file and select the google account and the folder.
  • Finally click “Save“. Your file will be uploaded to Google Drive.

Once the file is uploaded to Google Drive, just open Drive app on your phone. Click in the small “i” button below the file. You will get multiple option. You need to select “Share Link“. This will prompt for the list of apps. Select whatsapp , choose the whatsapp contact and share the file.

The recipient will receive it as a URL. They can access it by clicking on it.

Using Whatsapp In-Built Video Trimmer

You can use whatsapp inbuilt video trimmer to share large file size videos. However, this will only help you to crop the video and will not allow to share files greater than 16 MB.

Using Video Compress Tool Android App

You may download any video compression software. Here, you can share the full video, however the video quality will be reduced. I have personally used Video Compress Tool Android App. It provides us the options to compress a video to several media file sizes. We can choose our preferred option that is less than 16 MB. You can save it and share it in whats app.


Now, you have learned How to Send a Large Video File Through Whatsapp. However, the only way to share the media files greater than 16 MB is to upload it to Google Drive and share the link in Whatsapp. All other options provided will  help you to compress the file that can help you to share the file in andriod version, iphone and windows application.

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