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Can I Download Reliance Jio Apps for Windows Phone?

Download Reliance Jio Apps for Windows Phone is still a dream state. The Jio Apps were initially launched for Android smartphones and later it was launched for Apple's iPhone. From day one, the support for Jio Apps for windows phone was not available.

However, the official website mentioned that the applications will be available in the future. However, it has been a long time the Jio applications for windows phones were not yet launched.

About Jio

Watch the Video of Reliance Jio AGM Live Video | Mukesh Ambani 2018 Speech.

The organization Jio was started in the year 2007. However, it was officially launched in the year 27 December 2015 in the 83rd birthday of the founder Thirubani Ambani. The service offered to the public in the year 5 September 2016.

During the initial launch, the Jio Apps were launched only for Android phones. Later it was launched for the iPhone. Moreover, only VoLTE supported phones were allowed to install the Jio apps. Later, the service was made available to all the LTE supported devices by launching an application called Jio 4G Voice application.

In order to trap the 2G Network and 3G network supported phones, Jio launched its own portable device called JioFi. Due to the ongoing offers, other networks like Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, Idea met a huge loss. They were unable to retain the customers. In fact, Tamil Nadu's leading network service provider Aircel officially closed its operation on January 30, 2018.

Will Jio Apps for Windows Phone Be Launched?

Till now, Jio claims the jio applications for windows phone will be launched in the future. No wonder if they launch the apps at any time. The question is, is there any probability of launching it?

In my opinion, I believe that Jio will not launch its application. It is because of the return on Investment calculation based on the keywords trends and demand. Here I have taken the data from Google Trends for the keywords Windows Phone and Android Phone. You can find the details below:

In this trend analysis, you can understand that the demand for windows phones is deteriorating compared to android phones. Hence, the probability of developing and launching jio apps for windows phone is impossible.

What Are the List of Jio Apps?

Jio has a family of mobile applications that can be used for day to day life. However, these applications are not available for windows phones.

You can find the list of the items below:
  1. JioTV Live Sports Movies Shows
  2. MyJio
  3. Jio4GVoice
  4. JioCinema: Movies TV Originals
  5. JioChat: HD Video Call
  6. JioSecurity: Antivirus, App Privacy, WiFi Security
  7. JioMags - Digital Magazines
  8. JioSwitch - Secure File Transfer & Share (No Ads)
  9. JioXpressNews – Breaking News, Local News
  10. JioCloud - Free Cloud Storage
  11. JioNewsPaper
  12. JioNet
  13. JioHealthHub: Access Tests, Doctors & Reports
  14. JioMediaWare
  15. JioMediaWareX: eMBMS middleware for JioTV
  16. Messages
  17. JioMotive (Unreleased)
  18. JioGST Bill Lite-Free GST Billing & E-way Bill app


Hope you have read my opinion and ideas on downloading reliance jio apps on windows phone.  Now, it is your turn to share your thoughts on this. Please share our comments in this section. If you like this post, do not forget to hit the Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google Plus button to share the content.
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Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Prime Mobile does not support Jio SIM or Jio4GVoice App. The Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Prime is not a 4G or LTE or VoLTE supported phone.

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