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How to Play Whatsapp Voice Notes on iPhone without Sender Knowing?

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Learn How to Play Whatsapp Voice Notes on iPhone without Sender Knowing by reading this article till the end. You will be able to listen to voice messages of anyone without letting them know. 

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Let us explore the complete process right now.

Listen to WhatsApp Audio Message Without Sender Knowing

If you are hunting for a technique to Listen to WhatsApp Audio Message without sender knowing, you may locate below 3 unique methods to Listen to WhatsApp Audio without producing Blue Ticks.

WhatsApp automatically generates two blue ticks beside the message whenever you open a WhatsApp Text or Voice Message, notifying the sender that his or her Audio Message has been received.

It is called receipts for WhatsApp messages.  This Read Receipt configuration in WhatsApp is important in the majority of circumstances since it informs the sender that their messages have been read or heard by the recipient.

Although you may have your own legitimate reasons for wanting to listen to WhatsApp Audio, the sender will not be aware of your actions unless he or she asks for your permission to do so.

It is possible to listen to WhatsApp Audio without creating those blue ticks if you utilise one of the following strategies to accomplish this.

1. Disable Read Receipts in WhatsApp

Not permitting WhatsApp Read Receipts on your device prior to opening a WhatsApp Voice Message is likely the most reliable method of listening to WhatsApp Audio without informing the sender of your intentions.

Note: On the iPhone, you can go straight to the Settings tab in the bottom menu.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp
Step 2: Tap on 3 dot menu icon and select Settings in the drop-down menu.
Step 3: From the Settings screen, navigate to Account > Privacy > scroll down and uncheck the Read Receipts box to disable this feature.

Once Read Receipts are gone, you'll be able to listen to any audio or voice messages you've received using WhatsApp.

Due to the fact that Read Receipts on your WhatsApp Account have already been removed, the sender will not be in a position to tell whether or not you've truly heard their Voice Messages.

Until Read Receipts are enabled again, the sole negative is that you won't be able to receive Read Receipts from other WhatsApp users.

2. Turn on Airplane Mode and Listen to WhatsApp Audio in the background

Using Airplane Mode on your phone before opening the WhatsApp Audio Message is an easy way to listen to the audio without your recipient seeing.

This strategy works because Airplane Mode disables both WiFi and Cellular connectivity on your smartphone, preventing the sender from receiving Read Receipts.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone and turn on Airplane Mode.

WhatsApp Voice Messages can now be opened and listened to without creating those annoying blue ticks.

The sender will not receive a Read Receipt from your phone because it is disconnected from the WiFi and cellular networks.

Once you've finished listening to an Audio Message, turn off WhatsApp and Airplane Mode on your phone until you're ready to let the other person know you've finished listening.

You can't use WhatsApp until you're ready to respond to the message or notify your Contact that you've received their Audio Message, which is a drawback of this approach.

There are two blue ticks next to each message on WhatsApp that indicate that it has been read.

3. Using Music Playback App

Make sure you have an audio player like VLC installed. WhatsApp for Mac are available for download. 

The audio files on your phone are stored in this app. Open the app and navigate to 

Folders > WhatsApp > Media > Voice Notes after the app has been installed.

Your WhatsApp voice messages can be found here, and if you listen to them from the app, you won't be notified by the sender.

4. By forwarding the message

Even though this last option is a perfect workaround, it requires some consideration due to concerns about privacy and security. 

You should forward voice messages to people you know and trust, and then listen to the audio in the new discussion when you've gotten them. After then, it is simple to remove malware from your computer.

If you have any other idea that works for you, please share it in the comment below. If you find this information useful, feel free to share it on your social network.
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