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Can I Receive Whatsapp Verification Code Via Email?

In this article we shall discuss can I receive WhatsApp verification code via Email?

WhatsApp is an Instant Messenger application owned by the Facebook corporation. In order to use WhatsApp on a smartphone, one must have installed the application by verifying the mobile number. The real challenge comes during the verification process.

It is impossible to use whatsapp without verification code. One must have access to the SMS service of the mobile operator in order to get the verification code to the mobile number. The user must enter the OTP received and gain access to the WhatsApp application.

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However, in several scenarios, the person who wants to install WhatsApp may not be able to verify the mobile number through an SMS process.  Hence they will be looking for an alternative to receive the WhatsApp verification code via Email.

I was interacting with few students who were under going Digital Marketing Training in Chennai and they conveyed that It will be great if someone has the option to receive the verification code to the email. Unfortunately, one such process is not available with WhatsApp.  one must verify the mobile number using One Time Password received to their phone only.

The option to validate and verify using a verification received to an email is not offered because the instant message application WhatsApp is based on mobile number communication. A user must have an active mobile number with its network service for using it. Even though the mobile number is mandatory in this process, it is not mandatory to have the same sim card installed on the device on which WhatsApp is installed.

WhatsApp is also a VOIP application which means voice over internet protocol. One must have access to an active internet connection or a Wi-Fi connection for sending and receiving messages via WhatsApp. Because this application is mostly used on mobile devices, the role of email in this process is not mandatory. WhatsApp installation on a phone number via an email is an impossible process. If you do not have an option to validate your mobile number via SMS there is no other alternative option available to validate your mobile number with WhatsApp application service.

Why Can't Someone Receive WhatsApp Verification Code via Email?

If you are wondering can WhatsApp send code to email? the direct answer is NO.

If we look at this issue logically trying to validate mobile based application via email process is incorrect. The main reason why the phone number must be validated before installing WhatsApp is to arrest spam activities, the invalid information being circulated and to maintain the decorum of Instant Messenger application.

The ultimate goal of the organization is to validate a working phone number, not the email addresses. Sending an email verification code for a process where mobile number must be used is of no use at all.

It is a time to understand that it is not possible to receive a verification code sent to your email address.

How Can I Verify My WhatsApp Number If I Don't Have Access to My SIM card?

If you do not have access to your sim card it impossible to validate your WhatsApp application. You must have access to the SMS process in order to activate.
I hope you understood the logic behind why someone cannot receive a Verification code via Email. If you are searching for I process similar to above and if you have a solution where you can receive verification code through email, please comment in the comment section.
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