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Paramount Plus price drop is coming June 7 — but there's a catch

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Paramount Plus Price Drops

(Image credit: Paramount Plus)

On June 7, new customers will get lower pricing, but with an irritating caveat. There will be no "CBS channels" included in the "Paramount+ Essential" entry-level plan.

As Paramount Plus launched in January, this discrepancy was acknowledged. This change is officially confirmed in an email sent out by Paramount Plus to members, one of whom is on the Limited Commercials plan.

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Paramount's Limited Commercials subscribers on the $5.99 per month subscription will not be affected. Grandfathered in, and locked in: That is, unless they cancel and resubscribe after June 7.

And if you want live CBS TV, the decision is very simple. To take advantage of the $1 per month savings, sign up before June 7.

Paramount Plus highlights that subscribers will have to purchase the $9.99-per-month Commercial-Free service in order to stay ad-free. In particular, Paramount+'s FAQ page says "online live TV broadcasts feature advertising, and certain programmes interrupt regularly to keep you informed of future and new Paramount+ programmes."

This is the newest consumer-facing streaming advertising news. On Friday, HBO Max revealed their $9.99 per month ad-supported tier, which will not receive the same-day theatrical movies. This June, too.

However, as expected, the entry-level pricing is less than honest with many services maintaining their (arguably) strongest features behind higher paywalls. High-profile blockbusters such as Godzilla vs. Kong and Wonder Woman 1984 likely spurred HBO Max subscriptions, and we think cord-cutters were delighted to discover a good deal for CBS
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