How to Search a Website without a Search Box?

Let us learn to Search a website without a search box. Whenever people search websites using the search bar, the site will have a visible search box. However, there are several sites that do not have one. If so, how can someone search what they are looking for?

Here, we are going to see a working trick or hack for searching a website that does not have a search box. Whenever you encounter such websites, you can always use this idea. You may also use this idea when you prefer to search within Google search box without visiting the particular site.

Steps to Search a Website without Search Box

Step 1: Visit Google

Step 2: In the search text box type “ Keyword” (without double quotes)

Syntax: <Site:> <website name> <Search Terms>

Example: Gmail

Step 3: Hit enter and the search results will be displayed below. You can select the preferred results and view the complete details.

In the above idea, the command site: is a google search operator. This operator is used to view a specific website only in the search result.

With the above workaround, you can search any website.

Note:  The results displayed will have only the pages that are crawled and indexed by google. If the website owner does not prefer to make the website listed in search results, yu can not search that particular site.

You may also watch this tutorial about performing search mentioned above

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