Genuine Airpush Review for Developers and Publishers

What is Airpush?

Airpush review - revenue from mobile apps

Airpush review – revenue from mobile apps

Airpush is a private ad serving company in mobile commerce. It was founded and inducted in 2010 and follows advertising techniques. They serve advertisements in mobile application like Android. The App developer needs to sign up for Airpush using Google Account.
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Airpush is a data driven advertising network. Out of all advertising agencies, the network advertising initiative by Airpush is unique as they serve ads only on Apps on mobile devices. It is 100% Google Play Store complainant. They have won several awards and listed by Forbes Magazine as most trusted mobile ad network. There is no minimum number of visitors required, no activation or validation required. Account will be created instantly.

What is the official website of Airpush?

The official website of Airpush is Click Here to view the Wikipedia article about Airpush. You can find the screenshot of the official website below:

Airpush Official website E Info Book
Airpush Official website

Is Airpush Scam or Real? Are they Really Paying?

Generating revenue from mobile apps and Mobile Marketing has become one of the fastest growing technology. It is always good to grow with the growing technology. Whenever, we look for an opportunity to make money by investing our valuable time, it is obvious that we will get the question in our mind “Is the company to which we are going to associate with is a scam or real?”
By reviewing the website, the credibility and the awards they have won, no wonder the company Airpush is genuine. Hence, we can work with full trust. In my opinion, let us take this opportunity very serious. When we trust the company they will trust us too. Moreover, we are not going to loose anything or meet financial loss.

How to Sign up for Airpush?

I signed up for Airpush and it took just couple of minutes for me. All you need to do is just visit and click on Register button. It will request your Google Login to sign up. Login using Google account and provide the authentication. You are done. Now develop your App and incorporate the API to serve ads and make money.

Can I Use Airpush Adnetwork for My Website?

No. I completely reviewed the service and it is available only for mobile App developers. Hope, they may make it as an option to display ads on mobile and mobile supported websites.

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