How to Read a Whatsapp Message without the Sender Knowing

Learn How to Read a WhatsApp Message without the Sender Knowing. In general, whenever your WhatsApp friend sends you a personal or group message, the blue colored double tick will give confirmation sender’s screen that you have read the message. It is one such great option in the WhatsApp’s messaging features list.

However, there are scenarios where you do not intent to deliver the message’s delivery statuses even after reading it. But, you still prefer to read the context. A couple of ideas shared in this post will give you insight on updating the message status.

Both the ideas mentioned below performs the same function. They disconnect the communication between your WhatsApp account and their account by disabling the Internet connection.

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Idea 1: Switch off and Switch On Mobile data.

Switching off Mobile data will disable the communication between two WhatsApp devices. As you have already received the message, it will stay in your mobile. You can check the messages and close the app. Now enable the mobile data. You can enable and disable mobile data by sliding down the menu tray of your phone and tapping on the data signal.

How to read a whatsapp message without the sender knowing
Disable mobile data to avoid the sender of WhatsApp message delivery status.

Idea 2: Enable and Disable Airplane Mode

Enabling Airplane Mode will disable all wireless connection. This in turn will disable mobile data. Now you can check the message and close the app. Later, you can disable the Airplane Mode.

How to read a whatsapp message without the sender knowing
Enabling and disabling Airplane Mode to avoid delivery status of the WhatsApp message sender.

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