How to Re-Apply When Adsense Account is Disapproved?


At this time Google Adsense does not allow the option to use a different URL to re-apply when Adsense account is disapproved. Please note that as Google offers the Adsense program for free, it can not be taken as very light.

We need to understand that we are trying to make the business partnership with a Multinational Company with US$ 59.825 billion global turnovers. Hence, the corporate will expect the business partner to be legal and ethical and abide by their Terms of Service.

I have already written Complete Adsense Guide for Beginners. You can go through the simple guide for better understanding.

As per the data presented by Build With, a research firm has mentioned that 13,609,786 live websites are running AdSense program as of 2017. You can see the screenshot of the stats below:

Credit Source: Build With

Re-Apply When Adsense Account is Disapproved - Usage Statistics
Re-Apply When Adsense Account is Disapproved – Usage Statistics

Why is My Adsense Application Not Approved or Disabled?

There is no wonder Adsense is the best blog monetization option one can get. It is profitable and hassle free. It is really easy to get approval and maintain the account in good standing. All you need is to abide by their TOS.

The real problem arises when the Adsense account is not approved or the existing account is disabled. It is really a painful moment when Adsense application is rejected.

If you look into the profile of the not active or disabled AdSense account owners, you can observe few common characters. You can see them below:

  1. You might be new to blogging industry
  2. Your attention towards making money rather than writing for your audiences.
  3. Your website does not meet the quality guidelines
  4. You might have violated the TOS.

I can’t think of any other reason why your Adsense account is disapproved. Few famous criteria are insufficient content, URL you specified is not owned by you, and Due to copyright material.

So, the secret behind getting a good standing Adsense account is

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

If you are reading this blog post, you can categorize yourself into any one of the above categories. I strongly suggest you read through the below guide for your knowledge.

So, how to reapply for Adsense and regain access to your disabled account?

New to Blogging Industry? Adsense Account Not Activated?

If you are new to blogging, and the AdSense application is not approved, the best practice to follow are:

  • Keep writing quality articles on your blog and share it
  • Your blog/website must be active for minimum six months.
  • Your website must contain more readable text with multiple pages.

Just repeat the above process for 6 months minimum. Once you feel your blog meets the quality guidelines, contact Adsense team and place the request again. Your application may be approved.

Have You Paid More Attention to Make Money Instead of Writing for Your audiences?

If you fall into this category, please follow the guidelines outlined for new bloggers mentioned above. Once your blog has quality content, you can reapply and the same approved.

Always keep your readers or audiences in your mind and write articles. The more you engage with your readers is the more quality your site becomes.

Is Your Account Not Approved Due to Not Meeting the Quality Guidelines?

If you are one such publisher where you have quality content and receive more visitors. But, monetization request is not approved. You need to pay more attention towards the email you received.

The email may contain the reason for non-approval. Act according to the mentioned guidelines. Post making changes, you can apply again and get the account approved.

Need to Re-Apply forAdsensee Account That is Disapproved Due to Fraudulent Activity?

If your account is deactivated due to fraudulent activity, then it is better to forget the AdSense account for the particular login. Google turns a deaf ear towards TOS violation and fraudulent activity.

Please do not resubmit AdSense application. It won’t be approved. The reason can range from invalid click activity to any range.

My Best Suggestion

My best suggestion to get your Google Adsense application approved is to spend some money on creating a website and create Adsense account. They will approve the application instantly. Once approved, you can display ads on any website where you have access to HTML access.

There are many workarounds available on the internet to get your Adsense account activated. However, if you are planning to activate Google Adsense with the blogger account, subscribe for a Blogger account and start a new blog with your same or new niche. You need to keep your blog active for minimum six months with quality content and the decent amount of visitors. After six months, you can apply and get the approval without any issues.

You need to keep your blog active for minimum six months with quality content and the decent amount of visitors. You can Re-Apply When Adsense Account is Disapproved and get the approval without any issues After six months.

Hope the information share here was helpful. Please share your experience as comments with the Google Adsense program.

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