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Update: Jio Withdraws Summer Surprise Offer and Launches Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer

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Let us see the offers, calling plans and other details offered by RJIL. The term "Jio Effect" has become such a hot topic that other networks like Airtel, Idea and Vodafone are reporting a huge loss every day.

While these things continue to occur, Reliance Jio has strengthened its market in India by flooding the customers with freebies, more data, and calls at affordable services.

The latest offer as of April 2017 is the Summer Surprise Offer. Let us see the overview of offers that were offered earlier and available now.

Jio Offers Overview

Initially, JIO entered the telecom industry with a bang. Holding the name as the only 4G network in India, RJIL entered the telecom industry with complete free offers. I have personally seen people standing in a queue to get reliance JIO Sim cards.

There were even trolls and memes created stating after rations shops, it is the Jio that made people stay in the queue.

As JIO SIM supports only 4G networks. Initially, the offer was limited and was given only to LYF Mobile buyers. Later, it was extended to other famous brands like Samsung, Sony, Micromax, Lava and other users.

The customers were offered first three months free service. Later the free services were extended till March 2017. Then the launch of JIO PRIME took place. Even though JIO has launched their calling plan, it was expected that JIO customers will move to other networks after the freebies are over.

However, JIO did not give room for that. They tried to get as many customers as possible to subscribe for prime membership. It is also notable that all other networks started to offer the data plans and calling plans at the cheaper rate.

With all the trolls and memes roaming around stating the RIP of Jio, a sudden and surprise shock was launched by JIO. It was Summer Surprise Offer. No one expected this. The competitors were taken to the breathtaking moment.

  1. Jio Prime Membership Offer
  2. Happy New Year Offer
  3. Welcome Offer

Jio Prime Membership (Rs.99 for one year)

As the Welcome offer and New year offer approached their closure, Jio started to promote the PRIME Membership program. The program states all prime members will get better offers compared to normal subscribers. 

The logic is same as Amazon Prime. If you are an amazon customer, you will better understand.

The prime program will offer everything on a low budget. If you have taken prime membership, you can recharge your number monthly with any of the prime calling plans and enjoy the benefit.

Jio Prime Members Calling Plans

Jio Offers Rs.149/2GB/28 days, Rs.303/28GB/28 Days, Rs.499/56GB/28 days, Rs.999/60GB/60 day, Rs.1999/125GB/90 Days/, Rs.4999/350GB/180 Days, and Rs.9999/750GB/360 days
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Jio Prime Rs.149 Plan Online Recharge Details

If you are a prime member and recharge for Rs.149, you will get 28GB of Internet data and it is valid for 28 days. The summer surprise offer does not apply for 149 plan. If you have already recharged with 149 plan and prefer to take the advantage of Summer Surprise Offer, You can recharge your jio number with any calling plan that has the value of Rs.303 and above. 

You will get the complementary offer of 3 months free service. After 3 months, From July 2017, you will have the plan you activated. After it expires, your 149 plan will be activated.

Jio Prime Rs.303 Plan Online Recharge Details

303 plan is the base or starting plan for availing summer surprise offer. By recharging with Rs.303 on or before April 15, 2017, you will get the complimentary service of 3 free months. Your 303 calling plan will be activated after the 3 months gift period is over. 

303 plan gives you 28GB data plus 5GB extra for 26 days. The same plan applies for 3 months.

Jio Prime Rs.499 Plan Online Recharge Details

The 499 plan gives you 56GB for 28 days. For prime members, it is free for first three months.

Jio Prime Rs.999 Plan Online Recharge Details

By recharging for a Rs.999 plan, you will get 60GB data for 60 days. The summer surprise offer gives you extra 100GB for 90 days.

Jio Prime Rs.1999 Plan Online Recharge Details

Rs.1999 calling plan offers 125GB for 90 days. The SSO will give you another 100GB for 90 more days.

Jio Prime Rs.4999 Plan Online Recharge Details

Get 350GB for 180 days. The SSO gives you 100GB more for 90 days.

Jio Prime Rs.9999 Plan Online Recharge Details

The highest plan offered for the prime member is the Rs.9999 plan. You will get 750 GB for 360 days and another 100 GB for 90 more days.

Jio Happy New Year Offer Overview

Post the completion of introductory offer till December 2016, Jio Offered a new year welcome offer. This offer was same as the first offer. However, the daily limit was set to 1 GB every day. If we cross the data limit, we can recharge the plan and avail the services. 

In this plan, the calls were unlimited, messages and videos calls and 1 GB data for every ay. After the limit, the speed will be reduced to 126 Kbps.


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