Online Video Upload Websites Like Youtube

Websites Like Youtube and Vimeo are giant in video search engine. It is the leader in video sharing websites. However, Video websites other than youtube are available online.
At this time, I need to admit that I was not aware of any other video streaming sites like YouTube until it was blocked in my office. This made me write an article on this topic.

List of Online Video Sharing Websites Like YouTube

The list of sites provided below are similar to youtube and other video sites.


Dailymotion is a video and movie sharing site. Users can upload, share and view videos.


Vimeo was founded in 2007 and it is the first video streaming site to allow users to upload HD quality videos.


Metacafe is original entertainment-related video content from major movie studios, video game publishers, TV networks, music labels and sports leagues.

Online Video Upload Websites Like Youtube

Online Video Upload Websites Like Youtube


Flickr is a photo and image sharing site, but also allows the uploading of short videos.


Photobucket is similar to Flickr, it is a photo and image sharing site, but also allows the uploading of short videos.



Myspace is a social network, that also allows its users to upload, watch and search for videos.


TeacherTube is a collection of Educational videos, docs, audios and photos


SchoolTube is  USA based and moderated video sharing platform, designed for students and educators.

Openfilm: (Inactive)

Openfilm allows users who can submit original short films, feature length films, documentaries, animations, and web series episodes. It is a video sharing site that is available in five languages. English(En), Espanol(Es), German(De), French(Fr), Italian(It)


Vidmax is a collection of Funny and crazy videos
There are Video websites other than youtube for online video streaming purpose. However, the above sites are based on English and can be used universally.
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