10 Most Interesting Motorcycle Racing Games for Android

Whenever I get some time whether it may be waiting for meeting someone or a long bus/train journey, I will always be excited to play motorcycle racing game on my android phone.

I never thought playing games on my smartphone is a waste of time. I always use it as an opportunity keep myself excited and stay away from lazy and idle feeling.

Moving forward towards 10 most interesting motorcycle racing games for android, how can you choose which bike racing game to download and play?

When we have the right idea, we will not end up wasting our data and time and memory space on the phone.

It starts with having a list of motorcycle racing games.

I have collected the samples of racing games that has the best user experience, gaming controls, less memory space. Your phone does not freeze or hang. These racing games are fast, free, easy to use, play it offline and online too.

I hope you will find at least one or two games out of twenty-one games that will make your day today.

I did a small research and found there are 9,28,000 gaming apps on Google play store.

Number of bike racing apps on Play store
Number of bike racing apps on Play store

Out of them, I have hand picked a meager percentage of the games and shared it with you. Hope you will love it.

10 Free and Interesting Motorcycle Racing Games

1. Real Bike Racing

Real Bike Racing was developed by Italy Games. Apart from bike racing game they also have developed games like 3D bowling, Wild Hunter 3D, Speed racing and much more. The game gives the real feel of riding the race bike. The user interface, the roaring sound of the bike and dashing the other are mind blowing.

Real Bike Racing Mobile App

You may find it little difficult to learn the controls of the game in the initial phase. However, once you master it, I bet you can not keep your phone away from playing real bike racing game. It supports virtual reality mode, has full control over rear view mirrors. You must have an android phone with version 2.1 and up.

2. Bike Racing 3D

Bike Racing 3D is a good game to kill time. It is a BMX bike used for off road racing. The user interface is very simple and addicting. The app was developed by Words Mobile. You will feel the real feel and action of the bike. You need to cross the hurdles in between. The controls are also really easy and the game does not bombard you with advertisements.

 Bike Racing 3D
Bike Racing 3D

With 792,600 installs, the Bike Racing 3D has secured 4.1/5  in google play ratings. It requires android version 2.0 and above for its compatibility. If you prefer to download the APK file, you can do so from APK for Fun.

The game controls are easily accessible on the screen. You can take your bike reverse, move forward and jump using the controls on the left side bottom of the screen. The pause button is on the right side top.

3. Bike Racing 2: Multiplayer

Bike Racing 2: Multiplayer contains multiple playing options, unlike other gaming apps, you can play with your online friends. It was developed by Rooster Games. A multiplayer game. You can play alone or play with your friends who are online. You can even play tournaments and keep playing always.

Bike Racing 2: Multiplayer
Bike Racing 2: Multiplayer

You can change the skin, material, and color of motorcycle easily. The main theme of the game is to collect as many coins as possible while racing.

4. Bike Racing Mania

Bike racing mania by Timus Games is about your talent to balance the bike while crossing all the hurdles you face while riding it. Anyone loving stunts with the bike, then it is a game for you. The amazing graphics user interface will win your heart. It will be a kind of adventurous game.

 Bike Racing Mania- Screenshot
Bike Racing Mania- Screenshot

You can create your own levels and customize it for your needs. You must have android version 2.3 and above for installing it. Many users have reported that the game crashes every now then. This can be fixed by freeing up some space on your phone’s memory.

5. Bike Race Free Motorcycle Game

Bike Race Free Motorcycle Game has 2,142,432 total installs on android devices. The download size is 24.07 MB. It has different options and a great way to play for every individual.

The customer service is greatly appreciated. If you face any issue, the developer team will reply in a faster manner.

You can create your own levels in this similar to Bike racing mania.  It will not consume more data while playing. This game does not have age restrictions. Hence, even your students can get the fun, excitement, and experience.

Bike Race Free Motorcycle Game
Bike Race Free Motorcycle Game

You do not need Wi-Fi or internet connection to play the game. The multiplayer option will allow you to compete with others bike racers. It allows you to invite, have fun by playing and challenging with your facebook friends. It also contains a huge collection of bike models.

The bike race is developed and launched by Top Free Games. They are the creator of the addicting game Racing Penguin is a notable point.

6. Bike Racing Free

Bike Racing Free is an apt game if you love the thrill. Unlike other games, it does not have hurdles. Instead, it has a well laid metallic road. You will travel a lot of green valleys, natural places. A hurdle free racing game.

The dangerous part is, you must be able to turn the dangerous curves carefully. If you fail, you can not resume the game. You need to start over.

Bike Racing Free
Bike Racing Free

The controls system is a tilt system. Just be tilting the phone, you can control the direction you need to travel. The graphics are in 3D and has a lot of bike models to choose from. The race will be challenging too. The sound effects will be realistic and you will have the real feel of riding a motorcycle. From the user reviews, bike racing free is a suitable game for kids.

7. Drag Racing: Bike Edition

Drag racing bike edition is a variation of its car version. The same app was initially launched for cars. Later, it was developed for bikes. You have 17 different sports bikes to choose from. Before starting to play the game, you can adjust the spare parts of your bike like accelerator, break and speed.

 Drag Racing: Bike Edition
Drag Racing: Bike Edition

The game does not have a premium version. The more interest you show, the more levels you reach. You can change the costume of your bike. Apart from the game perspective, the developer has a wonderful support. Every issue you face, you will receive a personal support from the developer based on your mobile model.


Bike racing 3D is best suitable for those who love racing and crazy about bikes. This game is 100 percent free. But, you need to purchase the game to have the ads removed. Premier features are available only when upgraded to paid version.

Bike racing 3D 2014
Bike racing 3D 2014

 9. Offroad Bike Racing

As the name suggest, the complete bike racing will be on a unsurfaced roads or tracks. It will be made of mud, rocks and other natural terrains. The game will be having different weather condition ranging from the fog, thunder to heavy sunlight.

Offroad Bike Racing
Offroad Bike Racing

Each level of the game will be more difficult when you increase your levels. Few special aspects of this game are realistic sound, multiple camera coverages for better gaming experience.

10. Bike Racing – Bike Blast Rush

Bike Racing – Bike Blast Rush is totally different and innovative gaming app. You will use a BMX bike to smash into traffic, crossing crazy rails. You can boost your score using helicopters and rocket.

You can compete with your buddies, score max and reach the top level. You can do flips, tricks, and stunts off ramps while riding the bike. This game may have the same feel as subway surfers.

Bike Racing - Bike Blast Rush
Bike Racing – Bike Blast Rush


Putting together a list of gaming apps is a daunting task. There are millions of apps out there. However, you can refer to the google play store and you can explore more games on your own. Hope the list of motorcycle racing and gaming apps were useful. Please let us know what are your thoughts on this?

Hope the list of motorcycle racing and gaming apps were useful. Please let us know what are your thoughts on this?

Which game did you like the most?

I would like to hear from you. Please give your thoughts as comments.

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