Whatsapp Web Battery Status Notification

How to Get Low Mobile Battery Alert on Your Computer Browser?

I have an interesting idea to share that will help you to receive your mobile battery low status on your computer browser. Let us say, you are working on a project in your office that is nearing the delivery. I am sure, each minute will count towards the time spent. In the meantime, you may […]


Compress Image without Using Compression App

Is it possible to compress image without another software installed on your computer or mobile phone? Having a heavy file size picture that needs compression and wants to sent to your friends or family members? Are you unable to upload it to the social media service like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Will it be good […]

I Need to Delete a Group I started

I Need to Delete a Group I started Up that I Am No Longer Admin of. How do I Do This?

Dear Friend, I can completely understand your concern about deleting the WhatsApp group that you have started. Unfortunately, it is impossible to remove a WhatsApp group even if you are an admin. One can not delete a whatsapp group permanently. Irrespective of you are a member or admin. The only option is to exit from […]

Can I Use Whatsapp Without Internet

Can I Use Whatsapp Without Internet? Is it True or Fake?

You will not be able to use WhatsApp without internet service. The information spreading in WhatsApp, facebook, and other social media is fake. If you are looking for an option for to using WhatsApp without the internet, then it is impossible. You can use without SIM card, without Wi-Fi. Whatsapp is a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) […]

Is Whatsapp Safe?

Is Whatsapp Safe?

Is Whatsapp Safe? did this question strike your mind at some point in time? Probably when you see your kids, or spouse browsing your WhatsApp group messages. I have several WhatsApp groups. My office colleagues, school friends and college friends. This list goes on. In this section, let us see is WhatsApp safe. We shall discuss the cons here. […]

Is Whatsapp Social Media

Is Whatsapp Social Media ?

Is Whatsapp Social Media? Let us see the clear answers based on other observations from the internet. We shall discuss what is social media, what type of category does WhatsApp falls in. We shall confirm Is Whatsapp Social Media or not. Whatsapp Defenition by Facebook Facebook has defined whatsapp as follows in Google Play Store and […]

How To Bypass Whatsapp Verification ?

How To Bypass Whatsapp Verification ?

How To Bypass Whatsapp Verification after installing WhatsApp? Whenever you install or reinstall Whatsapp, you must verify the phone number. One can not bypass WhatsApp SMS verification. If WhatsApp cannot verify phone number via SMS, you can initiate a callback, you will receive Whatsapp verification call. If you are looking for a solution for the […]