Mobile App Development Tools: A Complete List 2017

If you are into mobile app development for smartphones and looking forward to exploring tools required, you are in the right place. I have personally collected the mobile app development tools that are provided below. Due to the increasing demand in apps used in mobility devices, multiple methodologies are used on multiple platforms. The developers too use different frameworks that can give better user experience and productivity. You can now about every tool and choose your favorite development for your mobile app project.

What Does Mobile App Development Tools Mean?

In simple words, we can explain the meaning as the tools required to develop a mobile app can be termed as mobile app development tool. In the recent times, the apps for touchscreen mobility devices from android, nokia, iOS, iPad are getting huge demand. Irrespective of the level of contribution, if you are using software to make your client’s mobile app live, then it is called a Tool. We can categorize them into the following ways:

Front-End Development Tools

Front-End Development Tools are the software used to create the client side section. The client side tools can be developed by using languages like HTML, C, C++ Language, Java, CSS, JavaScript, .NET, and VB.Net. The ultimate goal of front end tools is to help the client to communicate with the website or app used. You can find the list of the tools.

Accelerator HP Anywhere OpenPlug
Altova Mobile Together IBM Mobile First Studio OpenMEAP
Android Intel XDK OutSystems
App Inventor for Android iOS SDK Platino Game Engine
App Press Java ME PhoneGap and Apache Cordova
Appception Kalipso Studio Qt SDK
Appcelerator Lazarus Rhomobile
AppGyver Composer LambdaNative RubyMotion
Appear IQ M2Active by Service2Media Sencha Touch Macromedia Flash Lite Smartface
AppSheet Marmalade Stencyl
Aquro Meme IDE TD Mobile
Basic4android Mendix Telerik Platform, and AppBuilder
BlackBerry MobiOne by Genuitec Unity
Codename One Monaca Verivo AppStudio
Configure.IT Mono for Android ViziApps
Corona SDK MonoTouch V-Play Engine
DragonRAD MoSync WinDev Mobile
DSI – Data Systems International, Inc. Mulberry Wakanda
GeneXus for Mobile and Smart Devices Netbeans IDE Xamarin
GO!AppZone by Globo plc NeoMAD Zuznow


Back-End Servers

Back-End Servers will help the server, application, and database to communicate with each other. These tools will use server side languages like Ruby, Python, PHP, Java,Net to build an app. The tools like Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server helps to find, save, or change data and serve it back to the user in front-end.

Altova MobileTogether
Backendless Platform
GO!AppZone by Globo plc
IBM MobileFirst Server
Magnet Systems
Verivo Akula
WebORB Integration Server

Security Add-On Layers

Security add-on layers will make sure that the app is protected from unexpected error. These security layers can be of 5 types namely firewalls, proxy servers and routers, software controls, network controls, and encryption. Let us discuss the list of tools for security add-on layers.

Altova Mobile Together Server API Express
Backendless Platform
GO!AppZone by Globo plc
IBM Mobile First Server
Magnet Systems
Verivo Akula
WebORB Integration Server

System software


Adobe AIR
Firefox OS
.NET Compact Framework
Palm OS
Ubuntu Touch
Windows Mobile
Windows Phone

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile application testing is a process of evaluating the app developed. The testing phase includes the different sections of the like functionality, usability, and consistency. The testing can be carried out manually or by installing few readymade application dedicated for this purpose.

If you are working in Mobile App Development and if there is any other tools you are using, please feel free to share the details with us as your comments.

You may also have a look at the youtube video below that contains the ost popular and excellent mobile app development tools:

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