Is it Possible to Make Money on Youtube by Uploading Videos

Yes, you can certainly make money by uploading videos to YouTube. However, you can not have this as your full-time job. It needs commitment, patience, and a strong determination to abide by Youtube publisher terms of service.

What is Youtube ?

Youtube is one of the leading video search engines. You can create, upload and share any video using youtube.  It is owned by Google and one of the popular video broadcasting service. You can download your own videos in HD format. It also provides an earning opportunity for normal people like you and me using the Youtube Partner Program.

Advantages of Using Youtube Partner Program to  Make Money

Currently, we are using our free time by sharing a video, photo of any family event on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, using our content and network, they make money and we do not. But, when you publish your own content on Youtube, you have an opportunity to make money. For making this happen, it is not required to be a digital media specialist or a website or a hosting service. All you need to have is the interest to make it happen. If anyone of your videos become viral and shared on social media sites, your earning will be unlimited.

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How to Make Money on Youtube? 

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In order to make money using Youtube, you need to meet following criteria:

  • You must have an active google account with youtube sign in.
  • You must be residing in one of the countries where youtube partner program is available.
  • The video must be of your own and should not contain any copyrighted content in it.
  • An active Google Adsense Account.

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If you meet all the above-said conditions, then you can start making money. Before you start uploading a video and make money, I would like to let you know how Google makes money and shares the profit with you.

The companies who prefers to promote their product will have an agreement with YouTube. Whenever a visitor views a video in your account, an advertisement is embedded. If the visitor watches the ad completely or buys a product using the advertisements, you will make money as it is your account that referred business to the third party site.

For detailed information, check out the official website of Youtube Partner Program

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