Learn to Search Google Play Store without Opening It

Today we are going to learn to search google play store without opening it. Whenever we try to search some mobile application, we use to open play store and type the keyword in the search box. This will provide the suggestion list. There is nothing wrong in searching the play store in a traditional way. However, there are invisible challenges while performing this action. Let us discuss further.

Drawbacks of Traditional Google Play Store Search

The search result in Google Play store is displayed based on the search algorithm. There are several factors like rating, comments, number of installations are considered while displaying the search result. Let us see the negative impacts.

  • The Genuine applications are not listed in the top suggestion. The reviews are created by paid service. Due to this the reviewer or the user is pushed to give a 5 star rating without even trying it. The comments are also fake.
  • The first one or two apps will be advertisement. Irrespective of rating and any other ranking factors.
  • Little difficult to read the message and app details from mobile devices due to small display and font size.

Steps to Search Google Play Store without Opening It

Now, we are going to explore an alternative option to search Google Play Store. All it needs is to learn how to search. We are going to use the google operator called “site:” (without double quotes. With this option, we can search play store from google.com home page. The results will be displayed. You can also install the app to your phone from computer.

  1. Open Google Home Page
  2. In the search box type “site:” (without double quotes)
  3. Type the play store website without leaving space. Look at the example “site:play.google.com” (Ignore double quotes)
  4. Leave a space and enter the keyword or phrase you would like to search. Take a look at the example. “site:play.google.com app to send text messages at a certain time

The above search will give us the results with the mobile applications containing schedule SMS in its title and description. However, this result will show up with phrase match. Look at the screenshot below:



If you are looking for a specific text, you can use double quotes google operator. This operator helps to return result with exact keyword. To use exact operator, just add double quotes in the search term. The example is site:play.google.com “app to send text messages at a certain time”

Search Google Play Store without Opening It - Exact Match search Result

Search Google Play Store without Opening It – Exact Match search Result

Right click on the app from the search results and click to install the app on your device. Installing the app on your phone from PC/Computer/laptop is such easy.


Hope the information provided above was helpful. Similar to site: there are multiple google operators available. It will be of great fun if you learn to play with it. You may also read one of my earlier post How to do Smart Google search with Google operators? Narrow down your search with Google Search Operators

Have you ever tried any google operator to get a desired or a particular result? If so, do share your ideas and how you implemented them as comments in this post.

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