Is Whatsapp Safe?

Is Whatsapp Safe? did this question strike your mind at some point in time? Probably when you see your kids, or spouse browsing your WhatsApp group messages. I have several WhatsApp groups. My office colleagues, school friends and college friends. This list goes on. In this section, let us see is WhatsApp safe. We shall discuss the cons here.

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Is Whatsapp Safe with Family Members

Is Whatsapp Safe with family members depends on the scenario and how you take things? I have a personal bitter experience with my family members. I am a member of one of our group where an unwanted video was shared. As y phone was connected to Wi-Fi network, the video was automatically downloaded. Due to traveling tired, I slept. One of the children in our house opened the video. When y sister observed this, she switched off the mobile. Later she informed me.  Hope you might have a similar experience. Please share it as a comment in this article.

How to Use Whatsapp Sae with Family?

As of now, there is no click to install option to convert your WhatsApp to kid’s version. However, you can use App Locker applications to restrict access. Please note it is not sufficient if you lock WhatsApp. Because you the multimedia content will be available in your videos and gallery section. Hence, it is a good idea to install App locking software.

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