Image to Text Document Converter App for Android and iPhone

Have you ever encountered a scenario where you are required to convert image to word. The world is completely dependent on gadgets at this time. There is a software for almost every task that we are performing manually. However, we are not aware of the existence of those mobile apps or web apps. Here, I am going to share my review on one such mobile app called Image to Text App for Android and iPhone.

It is either converting your business card or converting the page of a book or any other printed material, you can convert them in few seconds (in paid version) if you have access to an android phone or iPhone.

The technology used behind the image to text conversion is called OCR (Optical Character Reading). The text printed on an image is converted to an editable text format. This technology helps us to convert any image to text. In my personal experience, I am also working on Amazon mechanical turk. There are few tasks where the bills are provided as images and we need to feed those values in the corresponding boxes. With the help of OCR Softwares like Image to Word, the task is made easy.

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I figured out the Image to Word app as one of the best OCR apps available. Few reasons why I love image to word app are:

  • Simple and clean interface
  • The memory size of the app is less than 3 MB.
  • It has the option to take a photo using your phone’s camera or upload a photo from gallery.
  • It is available for both android and iOS (iPad) operating systems
  • The conversion takes place virtually on their server and hence the task will not be interrupted due to your internet issues.
  • In free version, the time taken to convert one image to text is almost one hour. But, the file is converted.
  • In paid version, the conversion happens in seconds.

You can install the image to word converter application from play store or from your pc to mobile phone. Please refer to my guide for installing android apps.

Other Apps by Inc. Inc has multiple apps in google play store and itunes. Hope, I will try using these applications and review them if required. However, the list of apps provided below may be of good reference.

PDF to Word Converter – pdf to word converter app for android and iOS
PDF to Excel
PDF to Image
PDF to PowerPoint
Image to Word
PDF to AutoCAD
Publisher to PDF
Scanned PDF to Word
Image to Excel
Publisher to Word
DocX to Doc
PDF to Text
Word to PDF
Image to Text
PDF Merge

List of Commonly USed File Formats

For your reference, I have extracted and submitted a list of file format and their details from internet.

File Extension File Type
.AIFF or .AIF Audio Interchange File Format
.AU Basic Audio
.AVI Multimedia Audio/Video
.BAT PC batch file
.BMP Windows BitMap
.CLASS or .JAVA Java files
.CSV Comma separated, variable length file (Open in Excel)
.CVS Canvas
.DBF dbase II, III, IV data
.DIF Data Interchange format
.DOC or .DOCX Microsoft Word for Windows/Word97
.EPS Encapsulated PostScript
.EXE PC Application
.FM3 Filemaker Pro databases (the numbers following represent the version #)
.GIF Graphics Interchange Format
.HQX Macintosh BinHex
.HTM or .HTML Web page source text
.JPG or JPEG JPEG graphic
.MAC MacPaint
.MAP Web page imagemap
.MDB MS Access database
.MID or .MIDI MIDI sound
.MOV or .QT QuickTime Audio/Video
.MTB or .MTW MiniTab
.PDF Acrobat -Portable document format
PageMaker (the numbers following represent the version #) P=publication, T=template
.PNG Public Network graphic
.PPT or .PPTX PowerPoint
.PSD Adobe PhotoShop
.PSP PaintShop Pro
.QXD QuarkXPress
.RA RealAudio
.RTF Rich Text Format
.SIT Stuffit Compressed Archive
.TAR UNIX TAR Compressed Archive
.TIF TIFF graphic
.TXT ASCII text (Mac text does not contain line feeds–use DOS Washer Utility to fix)
.WAV Windows sound
.WK3 Lotus 1-2-3 (the numbers following represent the version #)
.WKS MS Works
WPD or .WP5 WordPerfect (the numbers following represent the version #)
.XLS or .XLSX Excel spreadsheet
.ZIP PC Zip Compressed Archive

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