iCloud Backup Failed | Why Won’t my iPhone Backup to iCloud

Is your recent attempt to iCloud Backup Failed? Are you wondering why won’t my iPhone backup to iCloud? There can be multiple reasons why iCloud backup may fail. The first troubleshooting step we need to perform is to set your mindset that the issue is not with Whatsapp. But something related to iCloud sign in. There is no thump rule to resolve the issue. We need to apply the trial and error method to get the root cause analysis and have it resolved.

Frequent Errors Faced | Why Won’t my iPhone Backup to iCloud

You can find the collection of technical issues that most of the iPhone users face while trying to backup Whatsapp files on iCloud. These issues may give you an idea about why iCloud Backup Failed and  how to resolve the problem by yourself.

  • There was a problem enabling icloud backup
  • iCloud the last backup could not be completed
  • The last backup could not be completed ios 9
  • iCloud backup not working estimating time remaining
  • iPhone not backing up to icloud

Top Possible Reasons Why iCloud Backup Failed ?

  • Problem with the iCloud Account
  • iCloud Drive might be turned off
  • Same Apple ID used on multiple devices
  • Your iPhone not yet upgraded to iOS 8
  • Cellular data might be disabled
  • If you are using WiFi tethering, please ensure that hotspot device has access to internet.

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How to Fix Failed iCloud Backup Error

Even though the error messages displayed or mentioned above are different, the root cause may be related to syncing of the app or logging in iCloud account. You may follow the troubleshooting steps to have the issue fixed by yourself.

Disable and Enable Mobile Data or WiFi

If you are using portable data connection, try to disable the mobile data. Wait for few minutes. Enable the data connection again. Now, try to back up the files. The option may work because when you disabled and enabled the data connection, the existing session will be closed and a new session will be established. This will ensure that there is no block in the data flow.

If you are using Wi-Fi connection from a wireless router or from smartphone tethering, please check whether the data connection in the router (mobile or wireless router) is active. The wireless router should have the green LED wireless signal solid green or blinking. It should not be dead or orange in color. If you are using mobile tethering, disable and enable the tethering option. As mentioned above the new session may resolve the issue. Please also ensure that the data connection on the hotspot mobile is active. If the issue is still not resolved, please continue to the steps below.

Switch Off and Power On Your iPhone

The next option is to switch off your iPhone and wait for few minutes. Now, switch on your iPhone. Once the mobile is powered on and try to perform the backup option. It may be successful because when the phone is powered on and powered off, the complete system will get a power cycle and all the apps installed on your phone will sync with the cloud storage and all features will be refreshed. It is possible that the data congestion may stop the iPhone from syncing with iCloud. Please continue to try other options of the issue persists.

Issues Related to iCloud Account

Please ensure that you are logged in to the iCloud account on your device. If not logged in, the backup option will not work.  You can check this by viewing iPhone Settings > iCloud. If you are using iOS 7, you will find Documents & Data instead of iCloud Drive. Hope this might resolve the issue. Please ensure that the same Apple ID is not used on any other devices. You must use the same phone number used in the iCloud account storage and WhatsApp for successfully backing up WhatsApp files.

Space Availablity on iPhone and iCloud Storage

While enabling the backup, the probability of failure may be due to lack of sufficient space on your iPhone or on your iCloud Storage. Please ensure that sufficient space is available to have the backup option completed successfully.

Hope the troubleshooting steps provided above helped you to resolve the issue related to backing up your WhatsApp files on iCloud. Please let me know did it help you and which step resolved your issue. If you have resolved the issue in some other way, please comment below your idea and we will be glad to know it.




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