How Whatsapp Works Technically?

Are you wondering How Whatsapp Works Technically on Android, PC or Computer? Does WhatsApp have a server? Will it work without SIM card? How Coding of Whatsapp Works? Continue to read more and explore the answers to these questions.

Hope you are aware of whatsapp. It is one of the widely used instant messaging social media mobile app. More than 1 billion monthly active users are there globally. You can read more statistical details at Statista.

How Whatsapp Works Technically?

The details provided here is also related to How Whatsapp Server Works and technology used

Since the day when I came to know about Whatsapp messenger, I use to think how does WhatsApp technology work. I would like to keep you informed that WhatsApp is a real-time mobile application. Unlike email, you will get instant update. The sender and the receiver can interact instantly. So the technology that makes it work is called “Instant Messaging“. The message is stored and also delivered in no time.

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As WhatsApp is a chat application, technically, it uses the technology called XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol). It is developed or coded with XML. It used because xml is the universal language which is understood by the machine. It helps the cross-platform application work better.  Whatsapp is also a cross-platform application which means it works on more than one platform. For example, an Android user can send the message to an iPhone user or blackberry user.

Let us see an example here. Let us say “Mark Zuckerberg” (Number: 123456789) is using an android phone and “Brian Acton” (Number: 132456789) using iPhone are chatting with each other on Whatsapp. Let us assume, This is how it works.

Mark Zuckerberg (123456789): Hi Brian,

This message passed on to XMPP server. The XMPP server contains the database of all the people using whatsapp. It will look for the desired phone number. Here it is Brian Acton number 123456789. Hence, the message will be delivered to this number on iPhone.

Note:  XMPP server is used to transfer data only. There is no dedicated server for WhatsApp to store your data. The phone of every user is used to store the files and documents.

How Does Whatsapp Calling Work?

As we already know that WhatsApp is a free application that offers free service. It works based on internet connection. You must have an active internet connection to use it. When it comes to WhatsApp calling, it works with the technology called VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). It does not use your mobile minutes. Instead, it consumes your data limit.

To share some information about VoIP, the calls placed via WhatsApp mobile app are converted from analog to digital signal. Later, the digital signal is decoded to an analog signal and delivered to the other side of the user.

The apps like Skype/Line/Vonage/Viber uses VoIP technology to place calls.

How Does Whatsapp Work Internationally?

Using WhatsApp internationally is one of the greatest gifts of technology. This helps us to be in touch with our family and friends without any boundary. Without wasting more time, let me discuss how does WhatsApp work internationally.

The only catch in using WhatsApp is that the phone number must be unique. If you have an internet connection, you can use it anywhere. Whatapp is not a regular DTMF service that works based on the country code, STD code or the phone number. It uses the technology  XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol). Hence, all it needs to use WhatsApp is active internet connection (Wi-Fi, GPRS, 3G, and 4G).

How Does Whatsapp Work Without WiFi?

You need to have an active internet connection to use WhatsApp. The only way you can use WhatsApp without Wifi is to have a data connection on your cellular network. You must have the internet to use WhatsApp.

If you are offline, the messages sent to you will be in a pending queue. Once you get access to the internet, the pending messages will be delivered one after another. The pending message will be in a pending queue for up to 30 days.

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How Whatsapp WebWorks?

The answer provided here is also applicable to How Whatsapp Works on PC or Computer.

Whatsapp has provided the option to use the service on your computer browser. You can visit WhatsApp web using the link:

All you need to do is visit the above WhatsApp web login screen. You will get a screen with WhatsApp web QR code. Now, pick the mobile in which you are using WhatsApp and go to the Options Menu —> WhatsApp Web. You will get the QR code scanner. Scan WhatsApp web QR code using the mobile. The computer screen will load and the WhatsApp web screen will be displayed.

You need to have latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Edge to use this feature.

How Whatsapp Works Without Sim Card?

Really? Can I use WhatsApp on devices without SIM card? The answer is no and yes. It is yes when you want to use it without SIM card. But, the answer is no if you want to activate the new account.

Once you have activated wWhatsAppaccount, you can get a WiFi connection and start using whatsapp. With this option, you can use whatsapp on devices like android, iPhone and tablets without SIM card.

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