How to Spy on Others Using your Android Mobile?

Hi reader, this article will provide you a workaround on How to Spy on Others using your android phone. Please use this option for productive purposes and not for illegal option. I am sharing this idea purely for knowledge purpose. If smartphone usage of some persons around you are doubtful and you try to be on the safe side, cell phone spying option will help you prevent all kinds of danger.

Brief Note on How to Spy on Others Using Android Mobile

How to Spy on Others Using your Android Mobile
How to Spy on Others Using your Android Mobile
We are going to learn the option to spy using the combination of android mobile phone and the mobile app for auto answering. Using this auto answer mobile app, we can keep the mobile in silent mode and leave it your friend’s, family members room. Later you can dial the phone number and start listening to the conversation whenever required.
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Steps to Spy on Others using Android Phone and Auto Answer Incoming Call App
  • Download Auto Answer Incoming Call mobile App from Play Store.
  • Open the App and Enable the option and select “Calls From All Callers
  • Ensure that your mobile is placed in silent mode and vibration is off.
  • Now keep the mobile near the person to whom you want to spy on.
  • Call the mobile number from any other phone.
  • The phone will be answered automatically and you can listen to their conversation.
Note: Keep your mobile in mute while you are listening as the sound around you may alert the person you are trying to spy on.
Is Spying on Phone Really Use full?
Yes, there are several scenarios where it can be of great use. Parents can monitor their son/daughter, if you need any proof for any suspicious activity you can use this workaround. The beauty of this work around is that it can be executed without internet connection.

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