How to sign up for Google Account?

Google provides several services. To access all Google products and services list, you need to subscribe with them with a new Google Account. All you need is an email address and your personal email address to create a Google account.

E Info Book Create Google Account
E Info Book Create Google Account

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You can also sign up for new Google account without Gmail using yahoo, msn and any other email address. However, as few Google products and  services are restricted to Google Gmail address, I suggest you to create a new Google Account with Gmail email service.

Quick steps to sign up for new Google Account


  • Visit and fill the requested details.
  • You can enter your current email address like Yahoo, MSN or any other email service.
  •  If you do not have any other email address, you can enter the preferred username for your Gmail account.
  • Fill the reaming fields and agree to the Terms of Service.


Screenshot for steps to sign up for new Google Account


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