How to Rotate Videos on Youtube Easily After Uploading?

Here, I have shared my experience as steps on How to Rotate Videos on Youtube Easily After Uploading. If you are using youtube to upload videos online, it is one of the best places to have a backup and share it with your friends. As we are not a professional photographer or cameraman, our video may not be of good quality. If you are familiar with editing videos, you may edit videos in windows movie maker. It so happened for me. I shot a video in one of the function. Later, when I watched it, it was in vertical view and not in horizontal view. I did not notice this initially and uploaded the same on youtube.

Later, I thought there may be a free video flip and rotate option for uploaded YouTube video. I went to YouTube’s video album and explored the options listed. I found the option to quickly rotate the video and changed the appearance to the correct view.

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How to Rotate Videos on Youtube?

You Will Find it Easy After Reading the Steps on How to Rotate Videos on Youtube In Youtube Editor?

  • Login to your Youtube account.
  • Click on Creator Studio and go to your creator studio dashboard.
  • You will find the list of videos.
  • Click on “Video Manager – Videos
  • You will find the Edit button under every video.
  • Click on the arrow mark and you will find “Enhancements
  • You will be taken to Youtube editor.
  • You can rotate the video to any direction by clicking on the two buttons given at the bottom.
  • Click and save to have the changes reflecting.

You will get the notification “Editing in Progress“. Until the editing is made, the viewers will view older version only.

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Conclusion on Rotating Youtube Video using Youtube Editor

Editing the video after uploading to youtube is not a complicated one as we think. It is just a click away once we identify the steps on How to Rotate Videos on Youtube. If you are not sure of how to use youtube editor, you can learn from youtube editor tutorial.

You can find the video tutorial of this article below:

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