How to Restore Whatsapp Backup From iCloud to iPhone?

In this post, you will learn How to Restore Whatsapp Backup From iCloud to iPhone. Whatsapp does not have their own servers to back up our data. Due to this reason, whatsapp does not guarantee to provide access to restore the chat history, messages videos and other documents. However, iPhone users can back up their whatsapp data to iCloud storage. The iCloud backup feature will help you to Restore Whatsapp Backup to iPhone as whatsapp backup restore option is not available.

How Do I Configure iCloud Backup Manually?

In order to restore the whatsapp data when required, you must configure the whatsapp backup feature manually first. If not setup, sorry to say that you will not be able to restore them at any point in time even if you lose your iPhone or change it.

Please follow the path to enable backup to iCloud on your iPhone:

WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and tap Back Up Now

Note: You can choose to enable Auto Back up and backup videos. In order avoid huge data consumption, ensure that your files are uploaded only when you are connected to WiFi.

How to Disable Mobile Data on Iphone?

You can disable mobile data on iPhone with iOS 8 by navigating to iPhone Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Use Cellular Data > OFF

For iPhone 7 or before version, navigate to iPhone Settings > iCloud > Documents & Data > OFF

How Much Time Will it Take to Backup Whatsapp Data on iCloud?

The time taken to complete the backup of your files to iCloud depends on your internet speed and size of the file backed up.

What are the Requirements to Restore Whatsapp Backup?

  • Your iPhone Version must be iPhone 6 or above.
  • Must be logged in to icloud account.
  • Must have sufficient space on your phone and iCloud storage.

    For iOS 7: Documents & Data (iPhone Settings > iCloud > Documents & Data) must be set to ON.

    For iOS 8 and later: iCloud Drive (iPhone Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive) must be set to ON.

Steps to Recover Chat History From ICloud Storage

First of all we need to check whether the iCloud backup exists. To check the existence of backup, please visit WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat Backup. If you find the details about when was the last backup was performed, it means the backup for your files are already available. All you need to do is just uninstall and reinstall whatsapp from App Store. Once installed, verify your phone number and follow the instructions. The app will be installed and files will be restored automatically.

Note: The phone number associated to your iTunes Account and
Whatsapp Account must be same. If not, the files will not be restored.

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