How to Re Apply for Google Adsense Account with a New Blog?

At this time does not allow the option to re-apply with a different URL for Adsense approval. Please note that as Google offers the Adsense program for free, it can not be taken as very light.

We need to understand that we are trying to make the business partnership with a Multinational Company with US$ 59.825 billion global turn over. Hence, the corporate will expect the business partner to be legal and ethical and abide by their Terms of Service.

My best suggestion to get your Google Adsense application approved is to spend some money on creating a website and apply for the Adsense program. They will approve the application instantly. Once approved, you can display ads on any website where you have access to HTML access.

There are many work arounds available on the to get your Adsense account activated. However, if you are planning to activate Google Adsense with the blogger account, subscribe for a Blogger account and start a new blog with your same or new niche. You need to keep your blog active for minimum six months with quality content and the decent amount of visitors. After six months, you can apply and get the approval without any issues.

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