How to Read Encrypted Whatsapp Messages of Someone?

To arrest the choice to read encrypted WhatsApp messages of Someone, Whatsapp has recently improved its security feature by introducing End-to-End Encryption option. It is applicable for all users who has whatsapp installed phone with latest WhatsApp version. No one can spy messages of others. It actually means that only the person on either side of the conversation can only see the content of the message. No one can hack or decode the encrypted message. This has given the challenge for the legal and investigation department.

However, there are few scenarios where you must spy messages or conversations of someone out of your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, associate, office colleague, cousin or your partner. Due to the encoded conversation technology, you will not be able to spy on their communications. The only ethical option is to get their mobile and check the conversation history with their permission. I am sure, this is not going to happen. What else can we do to gain access to the conversations without them knowing? Is there any spy software to perform this action? I have discussed few options that may help you.

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How to Read Encrypted Whatsapp Messages of Someone?

Decrypt Without Their Phone Using Online Whatsapp Web Feature on PC

The idea of using WhatsApp web online application on PC to decrypt someone’s contact is doable phone hack. But, you must be bit confident and bold to execute this. The logic is simple. We are going to gain messages  access to their WhatsApp conversation using Whatsapp web app on PC without key. This is the best option to spy on cell phone without installing software. There is no better option to spy whatsapp.

  1. Visit You will get the screen with QR code on it.

    how to read encrypted whatsapp messages of someone

    Read encrypted whatsapp messages of someone. Screenshot of whatsapp web application

  2. Request the target person to give their phone for making an urgent call. You need to approach them in such a way that they will not suspect you.
  3. Now, open their WhatsApp account and go to the WhatsApp Web option.
  4. Click on Whatsapp Web and scan the QR code on your computer.
  5. Now, the WhatsApp web screen on computer will open
  6. Return the phone to the concerned person.

You are done. Now, you can monitor their chat conversation.

Note: This trick works only when the victim’s phone is connected to the internet. This tip to spy WhatsApp messages will help in maximum scenarios.

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