How to Play Pokemon Go Android, iPhone and Computer?

How to play Pokemon go? Recently hearing more about the game Pokemon go? If you are wondering what is that and prefer to explore more, then you are in the right place. Let us discuss Pokemon go and its related details with step by instructions.

What is Pokemon Go and How to Play Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a GPS (Global Positioning System) based mobile game developed for playing on Android OS (Operating System) phones, iPhone, iPad and apple watch devices. It was released on July 6, 2016. Pokemon Go was developed and published by Niantic. For beginners, It is a location based game. The player needs to catch Pokemon, locate, capture, battle, and train  the creatures in the virtual environment effectively. These creatures are called Pokemon.

How to Download Pokemon Go for Android and iPhone?

You can download Pokemon go for android and iOS in 3 different ways. They are from Google play store using your smartphone, the iPhone users can download it from Apple store or Itunes account. Remote installation using Google play store from your computer, downloading from the official website and finally downloading the apk files from third-party websites.

Steps for Android Phone Users:

  1. Visit Pokeman Go Play Store Page from your mobile or computer.
  2. Click on Green color “Install” button.
  3. Click on “Accept” button.
  4. The application will be installed on your device.

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Basic Configurations for Getting Started with Pokemon Go

After installing the game on your android or iPhone, you need to create your avatar. It starts with selecting your physical appearance for the avatar. The characteristics are skin, hair, color of the eye. Once the outfit settings are completed, you are ready to play the game. Based on the player’s geographical location (you), the avatar will be displayed on the phone’s screen. The features like PokéStops and Pokémon gyms provides you the things like eggs, Poké Balls, berries, and potions.

How Does the Pokeman Go Game Works?

Using the features of PokéStops and Pokémon gyms, the players have to move around their surrounding. As on when the player moves, the avatar also moves as if the person is in the real world. When a Pokemon is found near by, you can find it on the screen with the help of your phone’s camera. All you need to to do is just throw poke balls towards the Pokemon. If you have successfully caught it, the Pokemon will be displayed under your ownership. There are around 151 Pokemon in the game’s catalogue. The player needs to catch all the Pokemon to have the game completed.

The capacity of each Pokemon is measured by combat power. You can evolve pokemon using candies. The more you increase your level in the game, the more combat power your pokemon will get.

We can not play this game without walking or without moving . You need to walk to near by places to explore more creatures.

What Are The Different Versions of the Pokemon Go Game

The latest version is 0.47.1. The other versions are 0.37, 0.39.1, 0.37.0, 0.39, 0.41.4, 4.2.2, 4.3, 4.2, 4.1.2,  and 39.1

Can We Play Pokemon Go on Computer Using PC/Laptop

Pokemon go is an application designed for the mobile platform. We will not be able to play on Pokemon in a computer. However, there is a hack on pc  available for playing the game in PC or on mac. As the hack is against the terms and conditions of the game’s development team, I strongly suggest you not to go for playing from PC.

If you still prefer to play the game using PC at home, you need to download an emulator and install a set of software. They are:

Now that I am not going to provide the step by step instruction. There is a smart and detailed article from the website Make Use of authored by Tina Sieber. She has modified the video tutorial of youtube Travis D, I suggest you to read his guide to further use this app via windows PC  or computer.

You can find the youtube tutorial below:

Can I Play Pokemon Go On Android or iPhone without Wifi or Internet?

As per the design of the game, you need to have active internet connection. Hence, you can not play without Wifi. Even if you try to play without data connection, you may not get the precise location of yourself or the pokemon.

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