How to Opt Out of Ads on Google in Android Phones and Website

This Appnol article will guide you on steps to opt out google ads from Google Search, Gmail, Maps and YouTube Ads across the web and mobile app, how ads are served by Google, pros and cons on blocking ads. Google serves ads in its own network and across the web.

If you are using Android mobile, tablet or visiting, you will see interest-based advertising displayed on the mobile Apps, websites and search result page. These advertisements will carry a small word stating “Ads by Google” if served by Google Ad network. However, when we are searching for any content in Google or mobile app, the advertisements may distract us. If you prefer, you can opt out of Google’s interest based advertisements.

Steps on How to Opt Out of Ads on Google in Google Search, Gmail, Maps and YouTube

1. Visit Google Ad Settings page
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Opt Out“.
3. You need to select for both ads in Google Network and ads across the web.

Google Ads Settings

Note: There may be ads still displayed after opting out of Google Ads. They may not be from Google’s ad network.

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Steps to opt out of interest-based advertising from Mobile Apps on Android Phone

1. From the menu on your Android phone, select “Google Settings App“.
2. Select the option “Ads
3. Enable the check box “Opt out of Interest-based ads
4. Now, you can enjoy using android apps with out advertisements.

       Opt Out of Google Interest Based Ads

Advantages of Blocking Interest Based Advertisements

  1. Your internet data used for loading the advertisements and sever communication will be saved.
  2. While using the App or browsing, we will not be distracted due to advertisements. This will help us to concentrate on our work.
  3. You may look at any advertisement and click on it accidentally thinking that it is an article. It will lead you to installing an mobile app without requesting any permission.
  4. You will get the clear view of content.
  5. As the ads are displayed based on your browsing data, interests and Google account data, you are saved from Google tracking your activities.
  6. The loading time is reduced and saves time.

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Disadvantages of Blocking Interest Based Advertisements

  1. We may miss some of new features or products and our learning may be restricted.
  2. If you are running Google Adsense program, your website may run out of competition for displaying ads on your website.

How Ads are Served by Google?

Now, you will understand how ads are displayed on your Google network. Google advertisement programs (Adsense and Adwords) are the back bone of Google for generating maximum of their income. As Google offers many of its services for free, by default they will display ads on the space around the content of their products.

For every Google account created, an advertising ID will be generated on random manner. This advertising ID can be changed at any point of time. This advertising ID will be mapped to our Google account activity like Google Search terms, Apps installed on your mobile, websites visited.

Based on these information, interested based advertisement will be displayed on every Google product you use.

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