Lock Your Phone For a Certain Time Using Phone Schedule App for Android

Nowadays, smartphones have become a major contributor for distraction. It indirectly affects your productivity in every aspect. Whether you are a working professional, a student doing your graduation, the smartphone will kill your productive time.

Let’s say you prefer to have your phone locked during your office hours. Will it be good if you have to set to unlock your phone automatically?

Do not worry. There is a solution for it. You can lock your phone for a certain time, this installing a free android app called Phone Schedule.

If you are looking for an option to lock your phone for a particular time automatically, then the phone schedule app comes very handily. All you need to do is just schedule the task when it should be locked and unlocked. Now you are done. It will work as per schedule.

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Steps to Schedule Phone Locker to Lock the Screen for a Particular Time

You can use phone scheduler app to lock yourself out of your phone by following the steps below:

  1. Install Phone Schedule App from Google Play Store
install phone schedule from google play store appnol
install phone schedule from google play store – appnol

2. Open Phone Schedule and Click on Add New Task

Phone Schedule - Create New Task - Appnol
Phone Schedule – Create New Task – Appnol

3. Select the Time, Date and Days at which the phone must be locked.

You are all set. The app will work like charm.

Interesting Features of Phone Schedule App

Apart from the feature related to this article, the developer offers the following features:

  • Silent mode
  • Vibration mode
  • Normal mode
  • Switch WiFi On – Switch WiFi Off
  • Switch Bluetooth On – Switch Bluetooth Off
  • Airplane Mode On – Airplane Mode Off
  • Change Ringer volume
  • Change Media volume
  • Change Alarm volume
  • Change Notification volume
  • Change Ringtone
  • Silent Ringtone
  • Change Notification Tone
  • Silent Notification Tone
  • Brightness
  • Auto
  • Brightness – Full
  • Brightness – Cutsom
  • Dim Screen
  • Launch an app
  • Mobile Data On (May not work on some devices)
  • Mobile Data Off (May not work on some devices)
  • Reminder

Information Credit: http://www.antonc.com/phone-schedule

Other Apps Similar to Phone Schedule Android App

Google play store has more than 6,95,000 Apps related to phone scheduling function. Find the list of similar apps which can help you to schedule different tasks. You can have a look at my research below


I have listed the top 10 suggested apps blow. Find the list of similar apps which can help you to schedule different tasks:

  1. Power Schedule by Monocube
  2. Smart Screen On/Off Auto by LuuTinh Developer
  3. Auto Off – Shut Down timer root by Jonathan Sautter
  4. Profile Scheduler by WetpalmProfile Scheduler+ by wetpalm
  5. Auto Connection by Auto Connection
  6. Auto Power Off by Jones Chi
  7. Profile Scheduler by Sky Soft
  8. Mobile Internet Scheduler by gokh2o
  9. Phone Profiles Plus by Henrich Gron


Hope you are able to schedule a different task on your phone with the help of Phone Schedule. The developer of this App Anton Cherkashyn is really doing a great job. He is also open to feedback and improvement of the added features.

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