How to Find the Old Look of The Current Website?

You can view the how the website looks using website URL. But, do you know how the same website was looking around three years back or when it was started?

You can find the old look of the current website using the way back machine service. The way back machine service or has the directory of websites from 1998 to current date. If you enter the URL  any website, it will provide the list of dates where you can click it and see how the website was looking in the earlier time.

The way back machine or has more than 412 Billion web pages saved in its directory.

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Steps to Find the Old Look of The Current Website

  • Open a web browser and visit way back machine
  • Enter your preferred URL of a website you want to check in the text box.
  • Click on Browse History.
  • You will get the calendar and the dates with the bubbles.
  • Click on each bubble and see the different avatar of the website at different times.

Let us see the example of Google website.

The current look of Google as of June 10, 2014, is given below:

current look of Google as of June 10, 2014
the current look of Google as of June 10, 2014

The same Google  website different look on December 8, 1998, as given below:

Google in December 8, 1998
Google on December 8, 1998

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Watch the video tutorial below for your easy understanding.

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