How to Download Apps without Google Play Store

If you own an android device, you may think you can install mobile app only from play store. However, it is not exactly true. You can also install android apps without google play store. Here, I have shared information about how to download apps without google play store.

Step by Step Instructions to download and install android apps without Google play store

Configuring Your Device to Install Apps Downloaded from Third Party Source

To allow the third party apps to be installed, we need to configure the device. For this you need to go to the following path and enable the option:

Settings –> Security –> Unknown Sources

Once this option is enabled, your device is now ready for installing any file with .apk extension. The apk installer will allow you to install the applications without any issues. if the app not installed, try to restart the phone once. It may help you.


How to Download Apps without Google Play Store

Downloading Apps from Third Party Website

Now, you can download the apk file from any website and install it on your android device. You need to be very careful before downloading any app from third party site as they may have malicious or dangerous setup file. However, always ensure that you are downloading the file from a trusted source. The best place is to download the apk file from the respective website.

Here, i have shared a list of trusted sites where you can download apk file of android device:


How to Install apk Files on Android Android Device

The android device stores all the apk files in Downloads Section. After downloading the apk file, just open the app tray and go to downloads section. Here, you will find the location of the apk file. Click on the file and the installation will automatically start.

How to Install Apps on Android From PC?

If you have saved the apk applications on your computer hardware, you can  install the application by transferring the file to the android device by USB cable or by Bluetooth. Once transferred, you need to open the file location and click on it to initiate the installation.

How to Get Update if We Install apk From a Third Party Source.?

It is a frequently asked question. In general, the mobile will not be updated automatically. However, of the developer has the option to notify the users, you may receive a message on the notification tray. You may click on the message and have the new apk file installed.

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