How to Check Google Index Status of Blogger Post?

Check Google Index Status of Blogger Post after publishing the content. Whenever you create a new blog post in blogger, it will not be available in Google indexed pages immediately.

Will be added to the database only after the completion of crawling and indexing by Google bot or spider.

As Google bot will crawl your Blogspot blog every 24 hours, it will be available on Google indexed pages within 24 hours. However, we need to double check the Google index pages status.

What is Crawling in Google Search Engine?

The general meaning of the word crawling refers to a type of movement using legs and hands.  generally on the flat surface by a human. This is also the first step of a baby who is trying to move. In other terms, t can also be mentioned as a baby step towards doing something.

With respect to search engines, the robots are called spiders. Spiders generally crawl to move from one place to an another. Hence, the activity of a spider crawling a website status is called crawling process in search engine.

Google Spider Crawling The Website for Indexing
Google Spider Crawling The Website for Indexing


Google Index of Websites
Google Index of Websites


What is google index?

Every time a new content is updated on a website, search engine spider continuously check for new update on a periodical basis. This is decided by the post frequency of a website. For example,  a news website might be updating 10 to 15 articles every day. This is a continuous practice for them and the update happens on a consistent basis. Because of the very high frequency of updating content,  search engine spider to check this website every hour.  on the other hand,  if a website has never been updated from the day one it was launched,  then this website is added to the queue which is slow as possible and Maybe check once in a week.

So it is important to have a fresh and neat unique content on your website once in a week.

How Does Search Engine work?

If you are wondering how a search engine works?  you must continue reading this content. A search engine is a collection of websites.  we are actually searching list connected by a spider.  so if we want our website to be found in a search engine we must include the website database.

This video by a quality engineer at Google Matt Cutts clearly explains how Google search engine works and the function of spiders in creating web.

Steps to Check Google Index Status of Blogger Post

There are several ways of checking the status of indexed content in Google database. The steps given below is one of the easiest options that anyone can follow even if they are beginners in SEO.

  1. Go to blogger site and log in to your blogger account.
  2. Select the preferred blog and go to the posts section of the blogger from the drop-down menu.
  3. Keep the cursor on the view link and right click on the View button.
  4. Select Copy Link Location.
  5. Now, go to
  6. Paste the copied link and click on the search button.
If the post to blogger was added to Google indexed pages database, the link will be available. If not, the result will not be displayed.
Using Site: Operator to Check the Index Status

The other option to check the index status of your blog post is by using site: Google operator.  This operator is used for checking whether a website is indexed in Google database or not.  you may check the industry status of a complete domain.  a specific blog post can also be checked.

The syntax for Domain Index status:

The syntax for specific post Index status:

Note:  You may replace your domain name in the place of Appnol.

What Should I do if My Content is not Indexed in Google?

There can be several reasons why a content is not indexed in Google database. The first and foremost thing that you need to check is whether your content is unique and free from plagiarism.  Google does not encourage the duplicate content across multiple places. It is because it does not add any value and having the same content in two places is of no use.

Another important thing that you need to check is the usage of copyrighted images. Any image that is used inside your content which is copyrighted by someone else may not be eligible to be added to Google’s database.  It is better to create your own video or image and upload it to a blog post.

If all the above conditions are met and still if you block post is not yet indexed by Google, then you need to request Google to add your content to the database manually. This process is called as fetch as Google.

The fetch as Google feature is available under the Google search console on Webmaster Tools account of your website. It is necessary to have a Google search console account created for your website. Once the account is created,  you need to select the respective property from the dashboard and navigate to the crawling. Now, select fetch as Google option.

You will see a box with your domain name prefixed. Enter the remaining values of URL in the box. Now select desktop from the drop-down menu and click on fetch and render. Repeat the same activity by selecting a smartphone as an option.

Now your request to add your website to Google desktop database and Google smartphone database is created. Look for request indexing option and click on the same. Verify that you are not a robot by completing a captcha given by Google.

once verified your request to index your content to Google’s database will be processed.  if you can tell this a good quality and you need to wonder your content will be included in the database immediately.  if not it may take up to 4 hours. At times, your content may not be indexed if it does not meet the Webmaster quality guidelines.


I hope now you have the answer to the question on how to check Check Google Index Status of Blogger Post.

This method is not applicable only to blogger blog posts.  it can be applied to any website which has content and images.  please note that if you can’t meet Google that muscle quality guidelines it will automatically be added.  Google does not accept any payment to index website with ease of low quality and does not meet the quality guidelines.

Have you tried to check the status of your blog post?  if so did the information given care helped you?  is there any challenge that you are facing while executing this process?  please share your experience and questions as comments I will be glad to answer each and every section of your question.


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