How to Change Whatsapp Font Style?

Are you the one person among those millions of people using WhatsApp mobile application? Are you the one straining your eyes too much to read the conversation while traveling? Are you the one who prefers to give less pressure to your eyes in this busy lifestyle? Then, this article will help you in finding the solution for it. You will learn How to Change Whatsapp Font Style or the font size of your conversation.
It is an inevitable fact that WhatsApp has become mandatory Mobile App for any Smartphone user. First, I would like to say that WhatsApp is one such application which is user friendly. You can personalize it to some extend based on our need. As it is one of the mostly used mobile App, I will be writing more ideas and articles related to it.
Due to busy lifestyle, we take very less time to explore and customize any mobile application. The steps provided below will help you to change the font or display size.
Steps on How to Change Font in Whatsapp
Change font in whatsapp
  1.  Tap the WhatsApp mobile App logo and open the application
  2. In the default chat screen dashboard, click in the menu option.
  3. Tap on “Settings” option
  4. Next, tap on “Chat Settings” option
  5. The third option in the list is “Font Size”
  6. Select any option from Small, Medium and Large.
What are the Types of Font Sizes in WhatsApp?
WhatsApp chat settings has three font sizes. Small, Medium and Large. By default, the font size is set to Medium. However, it is good to have the font size in “Large” due to several factors.
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Does Font Size Really Matters?
Yes, the display font size really takes a high priority compared to any other feature in mobile application. One of the first reason is to read the messages without giving any stress or tension to our eyes. Knowingly or unknowingly we always put our eyes under stress by reading the messages or by searching some text in the conversation.
Few symptoms of stressing your eyes are red eyes and mild head ache. You might have had good sleep or rest on the previous day. However, your eyes will look red in color. This is one of the sign of understanding that we are stressing our eyes more. So, it is high time that we start taking time to relax our eyes.

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