How to Add Sitemap to Blogger Blog Easily

How to Add Sitemap to Blogger blog. During initial days of blogging, I never knew the significance of adding sitemap for blogger blog. Irrespective of whether we add a sitemap to a blog or not, Google will still crawl your first 250 of your blog posts. The use of sitemap plays a major role while indexing your blog posts when crossing 250 posts.
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How to Add Sitemap to Blogger Blog Easily
How to Add Sitemap to Blogger Blog Easily
How to Add Sitemap to Blogger

Every blog or website will have a Sittemap in xml or in HTML. It helps the search engine to easily identify the structure of the website or blog. However, the sitemap is not enabled by default for blogger blogs. Hence, I have spent a lot of time in researching in Internet on adding sitemap to my blog.

You will learn how to add or enable sitemap for your blog in this post. As I have already mentioned, sitemap can be in .xml or .html. However, it is easy to add a .xml sitemap to the blog.

How to Add Sitemap.xml to Blogger Blog

First, you need to generate sitemap.xml for your blog. There are several online free tools available on internet to generate the sitemap.xml for any blog. However, I suggest you to use the “xml sitemap for blogger” for easy and simple way to add .xml sitemap to your blog. This tool was developed by +Amit Agarwal this is what I am using it for my blogs.

  • This tool will generate the Sitemap.xml for your blog. Just copy the codes
  • Now, visit and login to Blogger website and select the blog to which you need to add the sitemap to.
  • Click on Settings —> Crawlers and indexing —> Custom robots.txt —> Edit —> Enable custom robots.txt content? —> Yes
  • Enter the copied text and paste it in the text box and click on save changes
Now, Google will automatically crawl and index your blog posts every day.


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