How to Add Contacts in Whatsapp ?

Adding a new contact in whatsapp is very easy. After reading this article, you will start learning, How to Add Contacts in Whatsapp. The only condition is that your friend must be a whatsapp user. If not, you will not be able to chat or send messages to him using Whatsapp.  If you want to know whether  your friend is using whatsapp or not, you can check it by just opening the contact from your phone. You will see the logo of whatsapp below the  contact  details. If you see the logo, you can click on it and check whether  your friend is online. If not, the contact is not using whatsapp. You  can request him/her  to use whatsapp by inviting them. Just open whatsapps contacts and open the number number you prefer to invite. The person will receive a text message with the link to install  whatsapp. He will be able to create whatsapp account using the link. If he does not receive the link, you can call your friend or send them the official whats app link: No login required to access whatsapp website.

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How to Add Contacts in Whatsapp
How to Add Contacts in Whatsapp

Option 1: Adding Contacts to your Phone Contact – How to Add Contacts in Whatsapp

In your phone menu, tap and launch the “contacts” option.  Click on the “+” sign in the right side bottom. You will get the option to enter the name, phone number and other details. Feed all the required data. Finally click on “Save“. The new contact will be saved. Now, if the newly saved contact is already in whatsapp contact numbers, the details will be synchronized automatically. If the number is not added in whatsapp contact list, you need to launch whatsapp and refresh the contact list by opening the below mentioned path:

whatsapp  —> Contacts —-> Menu —> Refresh.


Refresh Whatsapp Contacts - How to Add Contacts in Whatsapp
Refresh Whatsapp Contacts – How to Add Contacts in Whatsapp

Option 2: Adding Contacts From Whatsapp – How to Add Contacts in Whatsapp

You can also directly add a contact to whatsapp and this in turn will be saved to your phone contact. Just follow the path mentioned below and add the contact to whatsapp:

Whatspp —> Contacts —> “+” –> Enter details and click on save button.


How to add contacts in whatsapp
How to add contacts in whatsapp

Option 3: Receive Contact from a Friend Using Whatsapp – How to Add Contacts in Whatsapp

The another way of adding the contact is very smart way. All  you need to do is just request  any of your friends to share the contact you need. Once they shared it, just click on it and save it in your contact list. The contact will be automatically saved.

The above mentioned options are applicable  for  windows, android and ios mobile operating systems. If you fine any difficulty or challenge, try to reinstall the app. Please let me know by commenting on this post, I will try to clarify.

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