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Let us discuss about Haptik app wiki that can help you in every aspect for free. Thank you Vignesh for suggesting yet another app to be reviwed on Appnol. The first app suggested by Mr.Vignesh is Walnut App. The personal smart finance If you have tried any application that won your heart, please drop us a review request using the contact form below this post.  We at Appnol will be happy to review p and add credit note for your name.

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After the suggestion received via whatsapp, I tried Haptik App and I would like to say that I just loved the user interface. The interface was smooth and user friendly. Let us see further information in detail. Hence, I decided to review and create a Wiki article.

About Haptik and What Does Haptik Mean?

This app featured in CNBC TV, Before we leap into the app details, I suggest you to watch the Haptik video overview. This will provide you a better understanding.

Hope the video made sense. If you are still looking for a detailed review, I suggest you read further information shared will help you to ake a better decision.

Meaning of haptik is the communication between human and electronic devices via touchscreen method. It is a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Haptik comes from the word “Haptic” which is the study of non-verbal communication. Haptic is any form of interaction involving touch.

Haptik is a personal assistant mobile app where anyone from India can outsource their day to day activity 24/7 and 365 days a year. Haptik app is developed by the company named haptik.  It is recognized as one of the top 25 mobile technology company. It combines the action of human plus machines to make our task smarter and easier.

The Service You can Outsource Using Haptik Are:

  • Easily configure reminders for Wake Up Call, To-Do List, etc.
  • Book flight tickets with discount or cashback
  • Order food online
  • Book cabs on demand and for later
  • Reserve restaurant for launch or supper
  • Buy train tickets online
  • Make a hotel booking
  • Get repair services instantly
  • Schedule Pick up and Drop Services
  • Buy movie tickets
  • Recharge and pay bills
  • Web Check-In For Your Flight

Apart from the above services,  the app offers cool discounts and cashback for booking flights, movie tickets.

How Haptik App Works?

Haptik is a smart application that works with your smartphone, PC/Laptop or Computer and location. Your requirements are customized based on your location. You will be able to use the app only when installed on your phone. Android users with version 4.0 and above can install it. All the versions below 4.0 are not supported.

Haptik as an organization has partnered with multiple business like zomato, Goibibo, IRCTC and other business services. Hence, they are able to offer any services in a single window.

What Are The Platforms Supported by Haptik?

I completely checked the official website and confir that it is available for Android and iOS platform. However, inforation regarding PC/Computer/Laptop or windows mobile and blackbery mobiles are not available. However, if we receive any details, we will be sure to update the same.

You can download the app on your smartphone from Google Play Store, Windows Store or App Store respectively.

How to Use Haptic Application?

First you of all you must download the app on your smartphone, tablet or gadget. If you open it, it will ask your mobile number for registration.

  • Enter the mobile number and click sign up.
  • An OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to your phone. In general, the application will recognize the password. If not, you can manually enter the password and proceed to signup.

In the next section, it will as for your username, password and email address. Feed the details. If your friend invited you, tap on the “Do You Have Referral Code” option. You can enter the referral code and complete the signup. If you missed to enter the referral code, do not worry, you can add the referral code in the later stage.

Now that we have setup the app. All we need to do is just tap on the required category and you will be taken to the assistance page or the chat page. A person will assist you in setting up reminders and other ideas.


The above information about haptik personal assitant app is purely out of my experience. Hope this App wiki was helpful. However, I am sure, you would have faced more experience and it may not be the same way it was for me. We do respect your opinion. Please share your experience as your comments below. If you like the review, do share it with your family and friends via sicial media. We grow only when you share it.

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